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Oh shit, didn't it work? Sorry! Try these instead...
So you tried to email me by clicking that link, and it didn't work? Sorry. That genuinely distresses me. It works when I try it myself, and plenty of other people find it works, so I have no idea why it didn't work for you. It doesn't use any fancy tricks, so it ought to work for everyone, but there's no accounting for Microshite...

I do sometimes worry that it doesn't work. The server logs do quite often show that someone has looked at the front page of my site, then looked at the contact page, and then not sent me anything. Since it's a bit pointless doing that, it makes me think they did try to send me something but it didn't work. This worries me intensely. So I feel that it is essential to provide some alternatives.

Or if for some undeclared reason you simply want to leave anonymous untraceable messages scattered round the internet where I will find them, these links will enable you to do that as well.

Accordingly, here are some other ways to contact me. Please don't use them if the email link does work, I'm only posting them for emergency use!

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