DSL600E Circuit Board CPU Area High-Res Image

This is a 4800dpi scan of the underside of the CPU area of the DSL600E PCB, overlaid with a grid of BGA324 pin designations. Because it is fucking huge, it ought to make it a lot easier to figure out where all the tracks go. Use the "fit to width" checkbox to toggle between full-size and scaled to fit the screen; click on the image itself to toggle the grid on and off.

The reason for the gap between rows 11 and 12, and columns L and M, is that the recommended PCB layout for a BGA324 is to have the balls sit on plain pads, and then site vias diagonally further away from the centre to connect the pads to other layers; this produces a via grid with two "partings" in the middle.

Fit to width 
DSL600E PCB underside, CPU area, 4800dpi BGA324 pinout overlay

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