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This is a video in the style usually described as "cab ride", or sometimes as "driver's eye view" even though that is technically impossible: a view of the approaching track etc. from the front of a moving train, such as used to be freely available to anyone just by buying a ticket and sitting in the front seat, before they replaced the original style DMUs with wanker-designed units you can't see out the front of.

This train is a Class 172, if anyone cares since you can't see it in the shot anyway, doing a circular diagram from Worcester Shrub Hill, up the Lickey, over the Camp Hill line, into Birmingham New Street, out the other end of New Street, over the Birmingham West Suburban (the University line), down the Lickey again and back to Worcester Foregate Street. It then carries on through Malvern and Ledbury to Hereford, where it terminates.


Thumbnails: Passing Infernal Heath - Approaching Stoke Works Jct - Bromsgrove -
Longbridge area - On the Camp Hill line! - Waiting for a path into New
Street - Birmingham New Street - Heading south on the Birmingham West
Suburban - Still bloody heading south on the Birmingham West Suburban - 
Going away from Stoke Works - Down Hereford at Worcester TJ - Newlands
area - Colwall - Ledbury viaduct - Last stretch towards Shelwick Jct
02h 23m 48.33s = 8628.33s : 1136x640 : 2.5GB

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NO THERE ISN'T a mechanism for watching the full size version "live" online in the fucking browser. DOWNLOAD the fucking thing first and THEN watch it, using a proper actual video player and not some poxy browser-based shite. That way you get to see it properly without it constantly stopping to fetch the next bit AND if you want to watch it again you've already got a copy and you don't need to come back and waste time and bandwidth downloading it all over again. (AND the page doesn't crash the browser before it's even loaded like far too many of these shitey browser video player abortions do.) If you insist on being daft about it then there's the shitey ultra-compressed version on Vimeo which is the best I can do because you can't upload videos longer than 500MB to Vimeo, and as for youtube there is no way I am signing up to any fucking google service even if they didn't do their level best to make the youtube website completely fucking unusable, and in fact they do do that.

(Though I am a bit disappointed that none of the people who collect cab ride videos on youtube and don't apparently care what a fuckup youtube is has so far bothered to download the full size version and stick it on youtube themselves.)

It is unfortunate that the view becomes a bit spoiled shortly after leaving Great Malvern by liquid running down the glass in front of the lens. This is because the train decided to do a piss on it. I suppose that is the sort of filthy behaviour you should expect from a Dirty Mucky Unit, but I don't understand how it managed to get it to land just there. It is also unfortunate that the sun shines into the camera sometimes, but it's also sort of inevitable at some point on a route that loops right round back on itself, and there's fuck all you can do about it. At least there was some sun and it wasn't just all grey and manky and shit.

Note that neither of the versions has sound on it: it's not an error when it plays without sound, and there's no point turning the volume right up in an effort to hear something. This should not be a problem because after all who the fuck wants to listen to a Class 172 droning on and on for two and a half hours, it's not like it was a Class 40 or anything.

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