Napier Deltic Engine Type T18-37K

Animated GIF of Deltic engine

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Click here to view the Napier Deltic Introduction and Table of Contents.  (237k)

Chapter 1.         General Description.  (101k)

Chapter 2.         Cylinder Blocks, Crankcases and Camshaft Casings.    (314k) 

Chapter 3.         Crankshaft and Piston Assemblies.    (163k)

Chapter 4.         Phasing Gear Casing.    (150k)

Chapter 5.         Turbo Blower.    (124k)

Chapter 6.         Auxiliary Drives and Transmission on Output.    (159k)

Chapter 7.         Bi-directional Gearbox.    (260k)

Chapter 8.         Lubrication System.    (445k)

Chapter 9.         Cooling System.    (362k)

Chapter 10.       Fuel Systems and Components.    (513k)

Chapter 11a.     Control Equipment.    (452k)

Chapter 11b.     Control Equipment Continued.    (376k)

Chapter 12.       Starting System.    (305k)

Chapter 13.       Operation.    (232k)

Chapter 14.       Servicing Schedule.    (276k)

Chapter 15a.     Repair by Unit Replacement.    (595k)

Chapter 15b.     Repair by Unit Replacement Continued.    (586k)

Electrical System Schematic.    (98k image file)

Diagrams by Howard Barnes.

Napier Deltic: Layout and crankshaft phasing

Napier Deltic: Port timing

Napier Deltic: Power timing

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