Extracting NRG audio images in Linux

Google's target audience (as depicted on Something Positive)
Google's target audience

Google really is fucking shit these days. All this fucking bollocks of changing your search terms or selectively ignoring them so as to bring up more results regardless of the results being irrelevant shite. All the stupid shit they have done to make it "friendly" to people who are too fucking stupid to be allowed near a computer in the first place and type in questions as if they were asking a human instead of using a search engine. I have no idea how well it works for those people and the kind of shit they search for because no matter how many drugs I take I cannot deactivate enough neurons to bring my brain down to their level. I do know that it has made it fucking piss awkward to look up anything serious though. Fucksake Google just bring back the plain keyword search like it used to be and stop pandering to the fucking idiots. They will never learn if they are not forced to, and if they can't use things because they haven't learned how then it doesn't matter because the internet would be better off without them anyway.

The reason for that little rant being atypically unsweary (as in: it still has quite a few swears in it, but not as many and not as vitriolic as my usual standard) is that I am happy to have found an answer to the problem anyway. The problem that led to the Googling that inspired the rant is: How the fuck do you extract AUDIO files from AUDIO NRG CD images under Linux? There were plenty of results about data NRGs, but fuck all about audio, because Google kept ignoring the audio-specific search terms like a giant cunt.

But after rather too much arse time I did find a solution. The website sed.free.fr contains the C source code for a neat little utility called "smokenrg". This turns out to be exactly what I needed. Compile it, feed the audio NRG image to the resulting binary, and bingo, out pop a whole bunch of raw audio files all ready to do stuff with. Brilliant!

And as a bonus it seems that Sed shares my fondness for sweary comments in the code. Thanks, Sed! Thumb Up

Here is a copy of Sed's code in case the free.fr website fails: smokenrg-1.0.c.gz

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