Jeremy Vine being a self-righteous cock

Screenshot from self-taken video of Jeremy Vine being a cock
Screenshot from self-taken video of Jeremy Vine being a cock

(Note: I am sure there are plenty more and better examples of this kind of twattery to be found on the internet, but I can't be arsed to go looking for them. This particular one showed up in my twitter feed which is the reason I am commenting on it. I am commenting here because of this stupid fucking 140-character shit on twitter which is far too bleeding short to actually say anything.)

Stupid cunts like this get right on my fucking tits.

Here is a video which Jeremy Vine posted on twitter. (In case he deletes either the tweet or the video: the tweet says "Had quite a lively #LondonCycling journey tonight because this was the other one that happened to me:", and a copy of the video is here.)

So, ignoring the unspoken "of course nothing I did contributed to it in any way whatsoever" bollocks subtext of the tweet, let's look at what Jeremy Dickhead Vine really does...

What the fuck is wrong with the stupid bastard? He is behaving in such a manner as to deliberately increase his danger level. He tries to pick an argument in which he is bound to come off worse if anything happens. It's even more stupid because he is doing this at the point where he's in the car's blind spot so the car driver doesn't even know he is there. He has this all too common fucking stupid idea that cyclists are some kind of superior being because they don't have engines and therefore all other road users should defer to them. He ignores the reality that cyclists' lack of engines makes them pissing slow and consequently fucking annoying to everyone else, and that their total lack of protection and dependence on balance makes them liable to lethal injury from collisions so trivial that the other party may not even notice. Instead, he deliberately rides so as to be as much of an obstruction as possible, and when a dangerous situation arises he acts so as to make it more dangerous, not less.

And what is even worse is that all this is premeditated. He has gone to the trouble of attaching video recording equipment to his head in advance because his whole intention is to provoke dangerous situations and then post the videos of them accompanied by self-righteous bullshit comments as if he was totally blameless. He isn't just being a twat on the spur of the moment, he is actually planning to be a twat and making sure he is set up to record the consequences of his twattishness with the intention of blaming someone else for it.

And he is also too fucking stupid to understand that posting a video of him being a twat automatically makes him lose. If he just ranted in words about some car nearly knocking him off he might stand a chance of being taken at face value. But when his own fucking video makes it plainly obvious that it's he, himself, Jeremy Vine, who starts off being a twat in the first place, then even if he doesn't manage to get himself knocked off he still loses the meta-argument which he is trying to create on twitter.

Jeremy Vine, you are a stupid bastard, a self-righteous arsehole, and a massive fucking cunt.

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