NEC uPD720102 USB 2.0 Controller Datasheets

I have just been swearing the place down trying to find a copy of the programming datasheet (so-called "user's manual") for the NEC (now Renesas) uPD720102 USB 2.0 controller chip. The hardware datasheet is easy to find, but the programming datasheet is not. The only copies I could find were on websites run by FUCKING CUNTS who seem to think it is reasonable to make people register and log in to download something for free.

Well, you pieces of shit, it fucking well is NOT acceptable. It is the action of a total and utter cunt who deserves a fucking good kick in the bollocks to teach them not to do it again.

Accordingly, I am presenting the datasheet here WITHOUT any fucking login bullshit, so that anyone who wants it can just download it and read it without being oppressed by these stupid bastards.

PDF icon NEC uPD720102 USB Controller - User Manual / Programming Datasheet - Download PDF (992k, 138 pages)
PDF icon NEC uPD720102 USB Controller - Hardware Datasheet - Download PDF (469k, 38 pages)

I hope that people find this useful, in contrast to the existing sites which try and make life difficult on purpose for no fucking reason.

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