Pictures from the Rat and Survival rally, 2005

Here are some photos taken at the event. Unfortunately the vehicle park was far from spacious, and heavily loaded with both vehicles and people. Hence a lot of the photos are crap, with too much gubbins in the background, or suboptimal angles, or whatever. I'm afraid I couldn't be arsed to go through them all editing random cars and peoples' arses out of the backgrounds, but feel free to do this yourself if you feel like it :-)

Not all the pictures are here yet because I still have the last film unfinished in the camera. So to the people in the bar who asked me to take a photo of their crew, I'm sorry but you'll have to wait a couple of weeks yet.

Click on the picture of your choice for a larger version.

Here are the rats on parade. Like a plonker I made no note of which one is whose so if the owners want to let me know please email me via RBZ quoting the ALT text for the picture in question.

RandS01.jpg RandS02.jpg RandS03.jpg RandS04.jpg RandS05.jpg
RandS06.jpg RandS07.jpg RandS08.jpg RandS09.jpg RandS10.jpg
RandS11.jpg RandS12.jpg RandS13.jpg RandS14.jpg RandS15.jpg
RandS16.jpg RandS17.jpg RandS18.jpg RandS19.jpg RandS20.jpg
RandS21.jpg RandS22.jpg RandS23.jpg RandS24.jpg RandS25.jpg
RandS26.jpg RandS27.jpg RandS28.jpg RandS29.jpg RandS30.jpg
RandS31.jpg RandS32.jpg RandS33.jpg RandS34.jpg RandS35.jpg
RandS36.jpg RandS37.jpg RandS38.jpg RandS39.jpg RandS40.jpg
RandS41.jpg RandS42.jpg RandS43.jpg RandS44.jpg RandS45.jpg
RandS46.jpg RandS47.jpg RandS48.jpg RandS49.jpg RandS50.jpg
RandS51.jpg RandS52.jpg RandS53.jpg RandS54.jpg RandS55.jpg
RandS56.jpg RandS57.jpg RandS58.jpg RandS59.jpg RandS61.jpg

The Pub Crew
RandS63.jpg RandS64.jpg

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