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BJH Wolverhampton 12/11/06 - Raw photos index

I feel that I should apologise for the crap image quality, which is not entirely rational since it isn't my fault that Jessops processing lab has a shit film scanner. Surely it is reasonable to expect a processing lab to have a film scanner which is shit hot rather than just shit? I think it is; if you also do, please contact Jessops and tell them so.

In the meantime, please accept my assurance that if you look at the original slides it's like looking at a completely different set of photos... :-)

Click on the image of your choice for a larger version.

thumb-dia_0180.jpg thumb-dia_0181.jpg thumb-dia_0182.jpg thumb-dia_0183.jpg thumb-dia_0184.jpg

thumb-dia_0185.jpg thumb-dia_0186.jpg thumb-dia_0187.jpg thumb-dia_0188.jpg thumb-dia_0189.jpg

thumb-dia_0190.jpg thumb-dia_0191.jpg thumb-dia_0192.jpg thumb-dia_0193.jpg thumb-dia_0194.jpg

thumb-dia_0195.jpg thumb-dia_0196.jpg thumb-dia_0197.jpg thumb-dia_0198.jpg thumb-dia_0199.jpg

thumb-dia_0200.jpg thumb-dia_0201.jpg thumb-dia_0202.jpg thumb-dia_0203.jpg thumb-dia_0204.jpg

thumb-dia_0205.jpg thumb-dia_0206.jpg thumb-dia_0207.jpg thumb-dia_0208.jpg thumb-dia_0209.jpg

thumb-dia_0210.jpg thumb-dia_0211.jpg thumb-dia_0212.jpg thumb-dia_0213.jpg thumb-dia_0214.jpg

thumb-dia_0215.jpg thumb-dia_0216.jpg thumb-imm001.jpg thumb-imm002.jpg thumb-imm003.jpg

thumb-imm004.jpg thumb-imm005.jpg thumb-imm006.jpg thumb-imm007.jpg thumb-imm008.jpg

thumb-imm009.jpg thumb-imm010.jpg thumb-imm011.jpg thumb-imm012.jpg thumb-imm013.jpg

thumb-imm014.jpg thumb-imm015.jpg thumb-imm018.jpg thumb-imm019.jpg thumb-imm020.jpg

thumb-imm021.jpg thumb-imm022.jpg thumb-imm023.jpg thumb-imm024.jpg thumb-imm025.jpg

thumb-imm026.jpg thumb-imm027.jpg thumb-imm028.jpg thumb-imm029.jpg

thumb-imm036.jpg thumb-imm038.jpg

thumb-imm016.jpg thumb-imm017.jpg thumb-imm030.jpg thumb-imm031.jpg thumb-imm032.jpg thumb-imm033.jpg thumb-imm034.jpg thumb-imm035.jpg

All low resolution photos on one big page

WARNING! 92MB! All high resolution photos as tar.gz archive WARNING! 92MB!

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