Old photos - mostly landscape

These are very old photos from the days when recordable CDs did not exist, and a scanner looked like this:

Photograph digitiser (scanner) from the days of steam

In those days, processing labs did not have their own scanners, or CD burners for that matter (because they didn't exist), and so could not burn a CD containing scans of the photos, which is how I got my other photos on the computer. These photos, on the other hand, have been scanned in off old and in some cases a bit discoloured or faded prints. Also, the scanner wasn't totally brilliant (although it was a bit more modern than the one pictured above). I have tried to enhance them a bit but they're still a bit on the manky side. Sorry about that.

Click on the picture of your choice for a larger version.

sp/badgworthy1.a.rs.jpg sp/chesterfield1.large.a.rs.jpg sp/culbone1.a.rs.jpg sp/cwmbychan1.a.rs.jpg sp/dew1.large.a.rs.jpg
sp/dwsunrise.large.a.rs.jpg sp/eastlyn1.a.rs.jpg sp/foreland1.a.rs.jpg sp/frostacrossmywindowpane.large.a.rs.jpg sp/invertedcat.large.a.rs.jpg
sp/llyngwynant1.large.a.rs.jpg sp/llynpadarn1.large.a.rs.jpg sp/lynton1.large.a.rs.jpg sp/ponies3.a.rs.jpg sp/rose.a.rs.jpg
sp/shrubhill1.a.rs.jpg sp/shrubhill2.a.rs.jpg sp/skyline1.large.a.rs.jpg sp/snowytree1.a.rs.jpg sp/treebranches.a.rs.jpg
sp/treesky1.a.rs.jpg sp/valleyofrocks1.a.rs.jpg sp/waterfall1.a.rs.jpg sp/welshstream1.a.rs.jpg sp/welshstream2.a.rs.jpg

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