Pioneer PD-204 Service Manual Download with NO BULLSHIT

Download: Pioneer PD-204 Service Manual.pdf

Note: You may also be interested in the datasheet for the M1593FP (aka. M51593FP) preamp chip on the optical pickup head.

I have just been looking for a service manual to download for the Pioneer PD-204 CD player, because I have one and it doesn't work.

What did I find? Principally, a bunch of links to sites run by BLOODSUCKING SHITBAGS trying to make me fucking pay money for a fucking download. Go and fuck yourselves, you money-grubbing wankstain arseheads. You DON'T fucking PAY for fucking DATA. Please die of a horrible disease caught off a pound note and let your search-result-polluting greed sites die too.

Then, a couple of hi-fi sites that appeared to be offering a free download, but when I tried it it redirected me to a page saying "register and log in first". Fucking wankers. Fuck bloody register, fuck bloody log in. No I don't give a shit that it's "free". I don't have to fucking register and sign up details and any of that fucking shite to get books from the free bookshop in town, and I'm not fucking doing it on a fucking website either. You can fuck off too, you cunts.

And also, a load of penis-faced sites that look as if they're offering a download but nothing fucking works and you get a fake server error message if you try it. Probably they're just trying to get me to look at fucking adverts, or infect my computer with malware. I don't know, because I've blocked the fucking ads and the malware is another of the things that doesn't fucking work. Well you fuckers can go and jump in the sea with your mouths open and I hope you get face-fucked by a sperm whale.

(Fun fact: "sperm whale" actually is rude and it does mean that, because old-time whalers were shit at biology and thought that whale oil was actually spunk. It didn't seem to bother them that it was all over the whale and not just in the bollocks, nor that you still got it from the 50% of whales that don't have bollocks. But it does mean that it is in fact perfectly legitimate to rewrite "Moby Dick the sperm whale" as "Huge Penis the spunk whale" and giggle juveniley at what you have just done. And the rather long passage going on about how wonderful sperm is and how lovely sperm feels and how great it is to be completely saturated and covered all over in sperm is fucking hilarious and may even be adequate compensation for the mindblowing tedium of ploughing through what must be one of the most shit books ever to become famous, and you can stop when you get to that bit because there aren't any more good bits. (Unless the bit where they make a raincoat out of a whale's dick and go on about how great it is and how whales' dicks make the best raincoats ever comes after that, I can't remember, but anyway it's not as funny as the wallowing-in-sperm bit.) No Ahab never does do anything particularly mad or even particularly interesting, no Queequeg and Ishmael never do get steamy in the forecastle, and yes they do find the White Whale eventually and it smashes all their boats and sinks them all and it's so badly written that that bit's just as fucking boring as all the rest of it. That's right at the end and it's the only reason I stuck with it that far and it really was not fucking worth the effort and now you know this with any luck I'll have saved you from getting caught the same way yourself.)

And finally at long bloody last... I found a link that looked for all the world like a penis-faced site, but I clicked on it anyway because fuck it and to my astonishment it did actually serve me with a PDF of the Pioneer PD-204 service manual. Apparently it covers the PD-104 and PD-004 as well. I have no idea why the site worked. Maybe it was supposed to be a penis-faced site but it was so penis-faced that the stuff to make it penis-faced was included in the stuff that doesn't fucking work. I dunno. But the important thing is that, thank you Lord, it did.

So now that I have found a copy, I am putting it up on my own website in the form of a direct link to the PDF file on a page with a suitably descriptive title so that with a bit of luck it'll show up on search engines for the benefit of anyone else who is looking for a copy of the Pioneer PD-204 service manual and is pissed off with being fucked about. Yes folks, this is that all-too-rare thing on the internet: a download page that is specifically intended NOT to fuck you about.

Download: Pioneer PD-204 Service Manual.pdf

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