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Annoy and embarrass sourceforge by nominating rtmpdump as "Best Multimedia"

sourceforge should have told Adobe to piss off.  If you agree that rtmpdump
is an important project, help embarrass sourceforge by nominating rtmpdump
as "Best Project for Multimedia":


RTMP is an important network protocol which is utilised to communicate
audio and video.  Adobe, you have no right to restrict internet communication
or to tell people how they can and cannot communicate, or in what format,
and can go fuck yourselves if you think that you can bully people into
submitting via a blunt instrument called the "Digital Millenium Copyright Act",
a law which should never have been allowed to have been bought into
U.S. law in the first place.


RTMPE is an extension to RTMP to include encryption of content.
A clean-room specification is available here.
Please distribute freely and widely.  Please implement and distribute
free software source code implementations even wider.

Note to Adobe: fuck you and your attempts to call the use of industry
standard crypto primitives "proprietary".

Source code of rtmpdump

Source code of rtmpdump v1.6, with the get_iplayer application removed
(because i don't like the idea of providing people with the means to rip
off copyright content), is available here.

There is also a bittorrent tracker running: here's the rtmpdump v1.6 torrent

Unpacked source (for the adventurous)

Why would I remove get_iplayer yet still provide the source to rtmpdump?

get_iplayer is utilised to make copies of copyright material.
encouraging people to do that is stupid.

by contrast: rtmpdump is one of the VERY few free software
implementations of a really important networking protocol,
implementations of which I have been hunting down and looking for,
for a considerable amount of time.

my interest in RTMP is to encourage the creation of free software
real-time audio/video communication software, and, as you can see
from e.g. Red5, there do exist implementations,
just very few of them.  Red5 only contains a server-implementation (in java).
The python project rtmpy has stalled
but its aims are to be a free software implementation of an RTMP library,
whilst Tape intends to be a full streaming server (in Python).
There is a java client implementation of RTMP, called Flazr.
SWFDec and Gnash each have partial and experimental implementations of RTMP.
swfdec is client-only, but Gnash has both client and server, sharing
the same common source.  Cygnal
is making particularly good progress, as a server: video can already be
streamed from it, with real-time video planned for Q3 2009.

There are a few others, with rtmpdump being the best found so far
as it implements RTMPE.  Throwing out the baby with the bathwater,
by going after free software developers with a DMCA take-down notice,
is just stupid.

Translation: "Adobe - get fucked".

Is the RTMP protocol documented anywhere?

Yes.  Just not by Adobe.

Here is a list of web sites that document the RTMP protocol:

Translation: "Adobe - go fuck your proprietary implementation"

Is this server in the United State?

It's in Maidenhead, UK.  So, no.  It isn't.  Translation: "Adobe - fuck off".

Who else is hosting this source code?

Anyone else who would like to be added to this list, contact me via the
methods shown on my main page.  You will
be expected to indicate that you do not encourage copyright infringement.

Bittorrent sites hosting torrents for the rtmpdump v1.6 source code.
These have sprung up instantly, the moment that the slashdot article
appeared online.  Ain't ya just gotta love that "fuck you, Adobe" attitude...

Authoritative Opinions on Adobe's actions

Even my seven-week-old daughter is able to give her valuable and authoritative
opinion of Adobe's decision to use the DMCA to restrict Software Freedom: