ipopd logins give "-ERR Unknown AUTHORIZATION state command"

Upgrading to sarge made it no longer possible to log in to the ipopd POP3 server. This is apparently because plaintext logins have been disabled by default in the sarge version of libc-client. The result is that if you upgrade to sarge your POP3 server stops working.

The cure is to create a file /etc/c-client.cf containing:

I accept the risk
set disable-plaintext nil

Now your POP3 server will work again, without the need to fuck around getting all your users to set their mail clients to use encryption. ("Duh? Wossat then?")

Yes, having that "I accept the risk" shit as the first line is a necessary part of the incantation. And apparently "set disable-plaintext nil" must be the second line, though I haven't tried it any other way. Some references on the net are confusing, because they start numbering the lines at zero and don't bother to mention the "I accept the risk" shit, so they make it look like you just have one line "set disable...". This is wrong. You need both lines.

This will also apply to other packages that depend on libc-client, such as uw-imap, see bug 227709.

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