Sinistral Rectocephalosis

...or, How the Political Left is Suffering from Having Its Head Up Its Arse

Screenshot of tweet containing text: "Tony Blair, when you're so
 liberal you blame Trump winning on people standing up for Trans
 people", followed by tweeted image of text reading "So this leaves a
 big space in the center[sic]. For the progressive wing of politics, the
 correct strategy is to make the case for building a new coalition out
 from the center[sic]. To do so, [begin highlight]progressives need to
 acknowledge the genuine cultural anxieties of those voters who have
 deserted the cause of social progress: on immigration, the threat of
 radical Islamism and the difference between being progressive and
 appearing obsessive on issues like gender identity[end highlight]."
[Original tweet]

Yes, Tony Blair is a cunt. He is a cunt for turning the Labour party into a right-wing shiteball and thereby depriving voters of any realistic left-wing choice. Thanks to him and our stupid antidemocratic FPTP voting system, voters' choices (outside Scotland) were reduced to voting Tory, voting for a slightly watered-down version of Tory, or voting for some bunch of no-hopers who have bugger all chance of getting any significant representation. Thanks a lot, you grinning coked-up shitbag.

And I'm not sure what Tony Blair has to do with the text in the screenshot at right (which appeared in my own timeline due to someone retweeting it). He is British, and whatever his faults he is unlikely to mis-spell "centre" as "center".

But none of that is really relevant; the important point is the highlighted text, from the word "and" onwards, and the reaction to it expressed by @Chemzes.

Because it is very probably correct to ascribe at least some of the blame for Trump winning to "people standing up for Trans people", and people like @Chemzes who fly off the handle at any suggestion of that nature just make things worse and help to perpetuate the problem. By doing that, they are shooting themselves in the foot and making it more likely that cunts like Trump will continue to find success.

Part of the reason I am posting this on my own website is, of course, because it is way too long for the stupid 140-character limit on twitter. But the important reason is that if I posted it on any forum aimed at the people I want to read it, the only result would be that it would get deleted, and I would get banned/blocked, by people who would slag me off for being a fascist and hating trans people. Neither of which could be further from the truth. I just don't have my head rammed so far up my arse by slavish and irrational adherence to some ideology that I can't see daylight except through my own mouth. This website may be much less widely read, but at least I can be sure the post will stay online and will not be scribbled all over by idiots who prefer making irrelevant and untrue ad-hominem attacks on it to actually thinking about what it says.

There are a FUCK OF A LOT OF PEOPLE who think trans concerns are a load of fucking bollocks. They think that trans people are just doing it for attention, that they are being deliberately exhibitionist and are choosing to do so in a slightly mucky and perverted way so that it is more effective. They view "being trans" as a matter of people going "ooh, look at me, I'm so special, I don't know whether I'm a man or a woman, so you have to give me lots of sympathy and attention". They think that anything akin to "I don't know whether I'm a man or a woman" is a completely absurd attitude since you can resolve it instantly by looking down your pants. They think that any difficulties associated with being trans are entirely self-inflicted, and can be instantly resolved simply by deciding to stop being trans.

I am not trying to say that these people are right, or that I share their views. I do not. But at the same time I am not such a fucking idiot as to deny that they exist, that they number in the millions, and that their votes are a significant political factor.

There has recently been a significant amount of kerfuffle in America over some legal case about whether the provision of public toilets should or should not be mandated to include separate toilets for trans people. (There have probably been loads more kerfuffles over related subjects, but that one was big enough that it got to make some noise over here.) Is it really necessary to explain that the abovementioned FUCK OF A LOT OF PEOPLE will see such things as a ridiculous bloody fuss about nothing, and be encouraged to vote for the presidential candidate who sees them in the same way?

Well, unfortunately, it appears that it is. And until the Left takes its collective head out of its collective arse and ceases to need such explanations, it will not be able to devise any kind of useful response to the problem of people voting for cunts like Trump.

And not only that. There are also a FUCK OF A LOT OF PEOPLE who see such cases in a similar way not out of unthinking bigotry, but out of dispassionate practicality. They're not necessarily bothered one way or the other about trans rights; they simply think that since trans people are such a tiny minority (about 0.6% of the US population; [source] [copy]) that it simply isn't reasonable to force everyone to go to the expense of building a whole extra toilet facility that might get used once or twice a year. These people may well be more liable to dissuasion from voting for Trump because he's so obviously a cunt and thick as pigshit with it, but they certainly won't be immune to the attraction of voting for someone who views discussion of such matters as a waste of time.

Nearly everyone votes primarily out of self-interest, and this means that a candidate who claims to be interested in addressing majority concerns and isn't going to be concerned about things that a FUCK OF A LOT OF PEOPLE see as insignificant absurdities will have that as an advantage over a candidate who does not. If the Left is seen as ignoring majority concerns while being perfectly well able to kick up a fuss over things most people don't really care about, that advantage is only strengthened.

If the Left are stupid enough to actively insult huge masses of holders of majority concerns, the advantage of the Trump side is strengthened enormously. And unfortunately huge swathes of the Left are that stupid. One of their favourite insults is to slag off people who aren't members of whichever minority group is currently under discussion by calling them "privileged". But historically the main support for the Left has been from those people who have no money and spend their lives dealing with all the shit that is dropped on them by capitalism. Telling those people that they are "privileged" is a fucking sick joke that's not fucking funny. It's effectively saying to them "we don't care if you struggle to put food on the table or pay the rent, your problems don't matter because you're not black/female/gay/trans/etc." So OF COURSE they react by saying "well go and fuck yourself then". And OF COURSE a lot of them extend that to "...and black/female/gay/trans/etc people can go and fuck themselves too". And OF COURSE they then vote for the cunt who says the same things - ie. Trump.

And it's only going to get worse, because again there are a FUCK OF A LOT OF PEOPLE in that position. Several million Americans - the number varies greatly depending on where you look, and they're probably all wrong, but all sources agree that (a) it is several million, (b) the number is increasing, and (c) it's going to keep on increasing - have to do several jobs at the same time to keep themselves fed and housed. So they vote for Trump because he says he's going to do something about it. He may be talking complete shit, and plenty of them probably even realise he's talking complete shit, but at least he's not telling them they're too privileged to be worth caring about.

People who once would have voted Left are now voting Fascist, because the Left is telling them they don't matter, and the Fascists are saying "yeah, aren't they just a bunch of cunts? Fuck that lefty shit."

Of course the Left should be sticking up for minority rights. I don't dispute that at all. But at the same time they shouldn't be doing nothing but sticking up for minority rights at the expense of providing alternatives to the right wing over majority concerns, they shouldn't be insulting their core electorate by telling them their problems aren't minority enough to be worth caring about, and they certainly should not be slagging off and refusing to listen to those who try and explain to them how the perception that they are doing that is alienating people and handing power to the right.

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