Bordeaux: where female rabbits suffer from a certain ennui.

And female deer. But only some of them. Other ones get left be-hind.

What's the deal with this buck-doe/stag-hind thing anyway? Cattle are all cows and bulls. We don't call big ones something different instead

Though mooses are cows and bulls as well. Which is kind of weird. But then I suppose with their wonky looks they are a bit like cattle.

Come to that, Scandinavian mooses are elks and American elks are deer. And Anne Elk has a theory about the brontosaurus. Gosh, how confusing

Anyway, they ought to make bionic mooses (or elks) with radar scanner antlers, it's a waste of a good shape not to use them as radar dishes.

I wonder if mooses are what you get when deer and camels shag each other? Their face is the right shape for it.

And those funny-looking Indian cattle are what you get when camels shag normal cattle. Yeah. Or *hump* normal cattle. Ahahaha.

Not to mention that it's a bit bloody silly calling them "cattle" when they have bugger all to do with cats.

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