Desmond Moines

Desmond Moines, the well-known gentleman from Iowa.

....more corn-dolly ducks than you would ever believe possible.

Dead insects: 2kg. (1080g moths, 300g flies, 172g earwigs, 163g pigeon shit beetles (small), 140g weevils, 87g assassin bugs, 58g misc.)

...speaking of pigeon shit beetles (small), they are black, but when they die stuck between the tubes of a CFL they are bleached pure white.

Pigeon shit beetles (large) are too big to get between the tubes in the first place, and pigeon shit beetles (tiny) fall straight out again.

But pigeon shit beetles (small) are just the right size to crawl in there and get stuck and cook to death and get bleached white by stray UV

Which irrelevantly reminds me of when we were all sat round and a girl ran in screaming at her bf to get the wasp out of her room.

So we *all* went to get the wasp out of her room, trapped it in a pint glass with a beermat, poked a straw in and blew dope smoke at it.

When we eventually let it go it flew across the yard in a dead straight line and hit the wall on the other side with an audible thud.

This further reminds me of giving a small crumb of hash to a duck and the duck then hanging around all afternoon hoping for some more.

There's another tale about someone giving a tab of acid to a duck, but the tale stops at that point, which is really boring.

I mean what's the point of giving a duck acid if you're not going to record what happens for posterity and science? Waste of good acid.

From the point of view of the donor and friends, at least. I'm sure the duck was most appreciative.

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