How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? 16. It's always 16. If you have a bigger-headed pin you just get bigger angels.

If it's camels you're counting, though, the answer is 0. Even if it's a very very big pin and a very very small camel. They always fall off.

And you can't thread needles with them either. Really, when it comes to dressmaking camels are less use than sausages.

Actually sausages are quite useful for dressmaking, because when you get bored or hungry you can eat them.

Of course they are useful for lots of other things for the same reason. Especially if you have a pet dragon to cook them with.

Mind you, you do need to make sure you have plenty of coal for the dragon to eat, otherwise it'll just eat the sausages itself.

And litter trays for dragons are silly expensive, they have to be made of platinum because anything else will just corrode through.

Really you're best off getting a nuclear dragon. They run for ages on one charge of uranium, and they don't nick your sausages.

Plus if you find yourself getting invaded by an invading army you can just threaten to show the dragon a mirror and they all run away again.

I realise that in well-run dressmaking shops invading armies aren't usually a problem. But in the dodgier establishments anything can happen

You might get a whole regiment come in wanting to dress as women to infiltrate the castle by pretending to be washerwomen, for instance.

You'd be sat there with a gun to your head sewing and sewing till your arms fell off, thinking "Why the fuck didn't I get a nuclear dragon?"

Your only hope would be for the ordinary dragon to get hungry enough that it ate all the thread, so you could say "no more twist".

And if you didn't even have an ordinary dragon you'd be fucked.

Visit nuclear-dragon-sales dot com today for your choice of nuclear dragons, in sizes from "North Korean Test" all the way to "Tsar Bomba".

Available in a choice of plutonium-breeding or thorium-breeding fuel cycles. Thorium dragons come in both fast and thermal neutron varieties

Energy amplifier dragons with built-in proton accelerator built to special order, but they're shit.

Fusion dragons not yet available. Physicists wanted to help with development, apply to polywell (at) nuclear-dragon-sales dot com.

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