Mike Ingdom for a horph!

>parp< ---<---<---<---<---<---< ich habe gefurzt.

The Pope smokes dope, Ghandi smokes ganja, Pol Pot smokes pot, of course. But Mao Tse Tung smokes steaming dung from the anus of a horse.

Bush smokes weed, Hitler took speed, and Princess Anne smokes hash. George Washingtarn had a cannabis farm and a giant humungous stash.

Pinochet began each day with the most enormous spliff. And old Bin Laden had a hard-on for a decent bit of kif.

Saddam Hussein went quite insane when he ran out of blow, until the Yanks came in their tanks and told him where to go.

Vladimir Putin put the boot in when he got ripped off with a bad soap bar full of henna and tar that really made him cough.

Since writing this shit I have discovered that the horph has actually been depicted in art. Like this:

Horph, by Kate Beaton

Could you imagine a better horph? This cute little character is a creation of Kate Beaton, from her webcomic "Hark, A Vagrant" (which is fucking funny, and well worth a visit).

At the time of writing, Google reveals that he - or she? - also has a somewhat confused entry on some scam dating website...

Horph on scam dating site

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