Instagram (which is shit)

#Instagram #filter - aka. How to turn a slightly shit photo into a really massively completely shit photo for no fucking reason whatsoever.

All the £££ and effort that goes into developing lenses and sensors and then people use some shit software to make all that effort worthless

The Kodak Disc camera failed because it took shit photos but now people make photos even worse than that on purpose. This is really stupid.

Maybe I should market a camera made from a topless DRAM chip and the bottom of a beer bottle. "Now ALL your photos can look like #instagram"

& market steak tenderisers as accessories for Polaroid cameras. Whack crap out of the print while it dries so that looks like #instagram too

Main reason I don't is I don't approve of encouraging stupid people to be even more stupid in order to make money off them. Too much of that

and that's exactly what #instagram and all its imitators do already, and I don't want to be such a giant cunt as they are.

If ppl think #instagram is so great why not smear their specs with vaseline & shit & random coloured ink so the whole world looks like that

For eyes that work like #instagram extract the vitreous humour & replace it with washing up liquid mixed with paint factory floor sweepings.

...and then for the full authentic #instagram effect shit on your own face and squidge it into your eye sockets.

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