A HUGE amount of what people do is as a result of manipulation. They just blind themselves to it because they want to be independent of mind

Seems they prefer illusory independence of mind to the genuine independence they could have if they would admit to manipulation and fight it

If you don't believe me, explain the existence of whole huge industries devoted to manipulating people and making them believe bullshit ;)

So much of what people do is based on them believing stuff that isn't true, because someone else has made them think it is, for profit.

Whether that's profit in the financial sense or simply in the general sense of appropriating value from someone else's actions.

You are not independent of mind. It's just so much easier to make yourself believe you are than to actually achieve it.

You need to meticulously analyse every single input for its viral manipulative payload. If you do, you'll find one in nearly everything.

All human interaction is like visiting dodgy websites on your PC, except the mental malware infections are more insidious and more numerous.

Reply from someone else on twitter: And harder to remove.

The reason dodgy websites that install malware exist is because all people are like that, and some of them know how to write malware sites.

It's a massive shame that doing it directly to someone's head is an inbuilt tendency rather than an uncommon technical skill.

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