The Tricerabottoms

As well as the Triceratops, there was the Tricerabottoms. It had three horns on its bum which stuck out like a tripod and it sat on them.

It looked quite cute perched on its three bum horns with its little legs sticking out in front and a grin on its beaky little face.

If something which is fifty feet high can be properly cute.

It had a bioluminescent area surrounding its anus which would light up at night in a pulsating display like an aurora. It was very pretty.

Smaller dinosaurs would come along in the dark, pass between the horns and sit there looking up, fascinated by the pretty colours.

Then when there was a good crowd of little dinosaurs sitting watching the aurora analis, it would do a big gluey shit on them and trap them.

It would then eat them. Being carnivorous and that. It didn't mind that they were covered in its own shit, it was a dirty bugger.

During the daytime it used to eat pine trees. It didn't do this for nourishment, it just did it for the resin to make its shits gluey.

It went extinct after the the spoing worm evolved. This was a parasite which could coil itself up like a spring and go SPOING into the air.

It too was attracted by the aurora analis, and would crawl underneath and then go SPOING right up into the tricerabottoms's arsehole.

And then eat it slowly from the inside out.

Strangely, it didn't die out with the tricerabottoms. It just evolved into something completely different and eventually became a moth.

And that is why moths are attracted to light bulbs.

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