Alienated Youth

There is a whole lot of bullshit blathered around these days about "young people feeling alienated from society" and all that crap. Most of it is characterised by the moronic stupidity of the blatherers and by their total failure to get the point which arises from their belief that their self-delusional state is actually reality and therefore shared by everyone else. So here is a page to burst your bubble, morons.

No, I'm not a "young person" myself. But I used to be. I never believed the bullshit, and I still don't. So many of the things that are lumped under headings like "maturity" and "growing up" amount to nothing more than repeating the lies of people who consider themselves "mature" and "grown-up" to yourself until you cease to realise that they are lies. Which is fucking stupid.

The main thrust of the blatherers' arguments centres around the idea that the route to heaven on earth is getting a job. Some of them even go as far as to acknowledge that it will be crap at first. But never mind, because the longer you stick with it the better things get and the fluffy bunnies start coming to tea and making everything better with money, and before you know it the sun is shining and everything is happy and there are flowers and birds in the trees and all that shit.

Just how bleeding stupid and self-delusional do you have to be to believe all that bollocks?

Yes, it is crap at first. And then it... goes on being crap. It STAYS CRAP FOR FIFTY YEARS. The only fluffy bunnies you see are the ones that are squashed on the road, and the flowers and birds and trees are all blackened and dead from pollution. You the blatherers may be weird enough to be able to blind yourselves to this, but the "alienated youth" can see it perfectly clearly. Because all they have to do is look at all the people around them, and it's flaming bloody obvious.

See the blatherers are in persistent denial about the nature of a pyramidal hierarchy. All they see is that it has levels and therefore people can move up it. They completely ignore that it is a PYRAMID. The higher the level the fewer people there is room for there. This means that MOST PEOPLE DON'T MOVE UP. And this is what teenagers see when they look around them. They are well aware that the only jobs they can get themselves are mindlessly tedious shitty ones. They are equally well aware that the only jobs older people can get are just as mindlessly tedious and shitty. It doesn't need any ability at statistical analysis. They just have to look at what people around them are doing. Their parents and their parents' friends all have shitty jobs. Their grandparents spent their entire lives doing shitty jobs until they got old enough to get a pension. Why the fuck should they expect anything different for themselves? They know very fucking well indeed that the glowing prospects the school careers room tries to push at them are nothing but shining lies, because if they were true, how come the life of everyone they know is nothing like that?

The blatherers point to the sky and say "You are on a route to the stars". The people they are blathering at look at the sky and see that the stars are tiny little glowing specks in a huge black emptiness. And they know very well that the huge black emptiness is where the route is taking them, same as it took everyone else they know. "Oh, you can get anything you want if you work hard enough". So why is it that the vast majority of people work their arse off all their fucking life and get nothing from it at all? Because the idea that you can get anything you want if you work for it is a load of steaming bullshit, that's why. And everyone except the blatherers can see that.

Negativity is simply being realistic. Optimism is self-delusion. It is flaming bloody obvious that the rewards are not open to all because so very few people get them. Everyone else spends their whole life doing the things that are said to lead to the rewards and ends up with fuck all. The "alienated youth" are alienated because they know that their lives too will consist of fifty years of tedious drudgery that ends up with fuck all. Because everyone's life is like that.

In the old days, it was simple, because class distinctions ruled all. A few men were born into upper class families and were slated from birth to be the ones who would shit freely; lots and lots of men were born into lower class families and were slated from birth to be the ones who would spend their lives shovelling the shit; women of any class had the choice between renting their cunt to strangers on the street for a few minutes at a time or selling a man a long-term lease on it. It was shit, but it wasn't bullshit. These days the options remain the same but who gets what is luck of the draw rather than set in stone from birth, while endless propaganda both from the blatherers and from advertisers keeps trying to tell everyone that they can and should all have the good things regardless of the luck of the draw. The prospect of a good life is dangled tantalisingly in front of everyone while the means of achieving it are withheld and lies offered as a substitute. Is it any wonder people react by feeling pissed off and alienated? Not to me it isn't. Nor to anyone else apart from the blatherers themselves who are delusional enough to believe their own lies.

All the blatherers are really doing is helping to remove the desire for the one thing they seem to think is the be-all and end-all of everything - a job. People can see all too clearly that it is nothing of the sort. Around them they see some people who do have a job and some people who don't. People in either group have a house and a TV and a car and go on holidays to some desperate shitehole like Ibiza or Benidorm where they do exactly the same things they could do in England and come home with travellers' diarrhoea or some other exciting foreign disease, but the people who get the money by claiming benefits and scamming credit operators are much better off than the people who get the money from their jobs, because they have a whole fuck load more freedom and can largely spend their time doing things they want to do instead of what an employer makes them do. Bullshitting some jerk at the jobcentre once every two weeks is far less grief than sucking the cock of some jerk in a suit all day every fucking day. And so that is what people choose to do.

And you know what? That is a GOOD thing. Because the whole reason the life society offers people is a pile of shit is that it is based around the expectation that everyone will spend all day every day working. And SOME thing needs to beat it through the reinforced concrete skulls of the people who believe that expectation to be desirable that it is in reality a whole sewage farm's worth of shit. Having several million people never working for decades on end is about the best demonstration I can think of that it DOES NOT MATTER if people aren't all working all the time. Because everything still functions. Everyone has food and clothes and shelter and medical care whether they have a job or not. With modern technology and economies of scale it takes very little work to make those things available to everyone. The rest of the work is almost entirely pointless bullshit and so it doesn't matter if nobody does it. The more people there are who are conspicuously not doing it the more likely it is that the fuckheads in charge will finally be forced to admit that it doesn't need to be done.

It is ironic that the blatherers are so concerned over "decline of the work ethic" when they themselves are in large part responsible for that decline. If all that can be offered in support of that piece of bullshit is transparent lies and blatantly false promises all it does is strengthen the message that this "work ethic" does not in fact have any value. They can't offer anything better than that to justify it because there isn't anything. Instead, despairing of the futility of lying about how "great" it is, they turn to smear campaigns and abuse, with labels like "scroungers" applied to those who don't subscribe to it. Their position is so weak and false that the best they can do is call those who disagree silly names...

So carry right on as you are, you deluded fools, since the unintended results of your propaganda in discrediting this work crap that you are so inexplicably addicted to worshipping is probably the only good thing you will ever do for the world.

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