Do not be afraid of freedom and love

It seems to me that a lot of people are put off the notion of exploring faith in Jesus by the thought that it means you have to be a really boring bastard who never has any fun.

Well, don't think that, because it's bollocks. Jesus never said you can't have a good time. Jesus doesn't want you to be a really boring bastard who never has any fun. After all, what was Jesus's first miracle reported in the Bible? He turned water into wine for a party. And not just a few bottles. He made a couple of hundred gallons of it, and it was really good stuff. Must have been a pretty good party.

So know this: Anything that puts you off the idea of Jesus is not of Jesus. Anything that puts you off the idea of Jesus is a deception. If you ever think "Oh, I could never be a believer because..." - stop bloody thinking it, because it's wrong. Doesn't matter what comes after "because", it's wrong. Just forget it, and believe - once you get to know Jesus, you'll know what I mean.

Don't think you can't be a believer because you like doing some thing or other that the stereotypical Christian has a big down on. That's a people view, not a God view. There's nothing actually worse about whatever your "some thing" is than there is about any other stuff that people get up to. Not from God's point of view, anyway. Everything that anybody does is imperfect and not up to scratch from God's point of view, so He sent Jesus to tell us - look, it doesn't matter, I forgive you. It's people that worry about it, not God...

Common "sticking points" are often, these days, something to do with sex. But it's people who get screwed up in the head about sex things and make some massive deal about it. God doesn't. As far as God's concerned it's no different from any other things people do. We cock everything up, whether it's to do with sex or not. And God lets it pass. That's what He sent Jesus to tell us. Don't go ignoring that because of silly stuff that people come out with. Take no notice of the people. Forget the daft ideas that people have given you about what God is like, forget all that, and find out what He really is like... you will probably have a wonderful surprise.

Jesus came as a breath of fresh air, a release from the stultifying pharisaic legalism that had been erected around the Jewish faith. He spent a lot of time telling the Pharisees off for hassling people with it and putting them off God with it. He said "look, all that's really important is - love God and love your neighbour". And what is there in that simple statement to put anyone off? I can't see anything.

Belief in Jesus brings freedom and love.

Unfortunately, people are bloody silly, and don't seem to be able to handle freedom like that. People seem to want to be told what to do, do this, don't do that, have some fetters and chains while you're at it. So it didn't take long for people to construct another wall of deception and legalism to chain themselves to and obscure the freedom that Jesus had brought. Which is really sad.

And so it seems to me that we are now in the situation where acceptance of Jesus is limited to people either who are happy with all that and it doesn't bother them - or who just ignore it and are happy with Jesus alone. Unfortunately there don't seem to be that many in the latter category and so we end up with the stereotype of the Christian as the no-fun boring type.

So forget all the crap, and just concentrate on Jesus. Read the Gospels - look at what Jesus did. He wasn't a no-fun boring type. He used to tell the no-fun boring types off for not being close to God and giving people all the wrong ideas.

Don't listen to what people say, or to what people have told you in the past, or to what you think it's all about. Forget everything, and just concentrate on Jesus.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

He said love, only love's gonna take you higher...
He said love, only love's gonna carry you home.

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