9-11 - Never forget...

Comments on twitter today have reminded me that it is the 11th of September - commonly referred to as "9-11" because Americans insist on writing dates back to front just to be confusing.

People are tweeting things like "remember 9-11" and "never forget" in reference to the WTC "twin towers" attacks. But they all are forgetting... or maybe just not noticing in the first place, if they have their eyes shut.

Forgetting what? This... it's kind of important...

The death toll from the 9-11 attacks was around 3000; 2752 death certificates were filed relating to the attacks.

According to iraqbodycount.org, civilian deaths in Iraq have now reached somewhere between 108,500 and 131,600 depending on how you add it up.

Another site, unknownnews.org, reckons that iraqbodycount.org's methods of gathering data miss most of the casualties. Unknownnews.org puts the Iraqi civilian body count at over 860,000 and adds a further 9000-odd civilian deaths in Afghanistan.

Erm... what the bastarding fuck???

Even if you disregard the higher figures from unknownnews.org, and instead take the lower figures from iraqbodycount.org... And even if you still don't believe the lower figure and think it ought to have a zero knocked off the end... it still shows the American response as being vastly disproportionate.

NEVER FORGET... the USA is responsible for between thirty-six and nearly THREE HUNDRED times as many civilian deaths from its gross overreaction to the 9-11 attacks as there were deaths in the attacks themselves.

In a country which didn't have anything to do with the fucking attacks in the first place, and whose widely-demonised ruler Saddam Hussein (not that I'm denying he was a cunt, I'm just saying he's far from being the biggest one) owed his position to Western support... something else which everyone forgets. Oh yes, Saddam was a great guy as long as the West thought they could get something out of him. The West made the fucker. The West made Bin Laden, too. Funny how everyone seems to forget that.

NEVER FORGET... that when it comes to mass murder of civilians the US government makes Al-Qaeda look like mice.

Of course the British government must share some of the blame for its arse-licking decision to tag along with the USA, and the same applies to other Western governments who did the same thing. They're all fucking cunts. But the US government started the invasion, and they did most of it... they are the biggest fucking cunts of the lot.

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