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Windows poster altered to read 'suddenly everything sucks'

This is my page to sound off about things which are badly designed, made, thought out, implemented... just generally crap. Things which are bad when they need not be bad, but nevertheless are bad because those responsible for their existence are ignorant, thoughtless, greedy, stupid, all of these or all of these and more besides.

Despite the heading photo, there isn't anything here ranting about that sorry excuse for an operating system churned out by those twats in Redmond. Partly because its crapness does not impinge on me personally, because I use Linux (the Debian distro), which is definitely NOT crap, and partly because plenty of other people have so ranted already, see here.

Please note that, since these pages contain rantings about things that cause anger in me, words like "fuck" are used. If this offends you please do not read them :-) And in particular do not read this page, which details various expressions and concepts which have perhaps not achieved the same widespread currency beyond the shores of the UK as the English language has, but are nevertheless used in these pages, necessitating an explanation for the benefit of those who are not familiar with the vernacular of this sceptred isle. And if you are of the opinion that the use of expurgatory language is an indication of a deficient vocabulary, then may I invite you to engage in retrograde copulation. :-)

Please note, too, that these are rants. They are not necessarily intended to be paragons of logical argument; though some of them might be, some of them might not. They are intended to get things off my chest, and hopefully entertain and possibly educate one or two people at the same time.

And you never know, some day some product designer might read them and think "Hang on, he's right you know..."

The Webshite index

Air conditioners (portable)
Air fresheners and other stenches
Attack of the Lesbian Communists
Arse Cunts
Bedford Rowing Lake at Willington
CD drives (CD-ROMs, CD writers, audio CD players) and Lens-cleaning CDs
CD cases
The Council: The mind-boggling stupidity of local government
Changing the clocks
Colour coding of car wiring looms
Contact forms on websites
Cunty stupid shite weather names
DDoS Protection by Cloudflare
Dell Poweredge 2450 RAID key (PERC enabler)
Diana hysteria
Do Not Change The Packaging
Electric bicycles
The Electoral Register - A gross and totally unacceptable breach of privacy
Environmental Protection Act and tips
The FHM "100 Sexiest Women" list - worthless fabricated bullshit
Freshways milk, which should be called Sourways
High Definition TV
Healthy food and exercise propaganda bollocks
House cunts
The fox-hunting ban
Fuel Cat and
Ice cream vans - just fuck off with the teddy wank shitnic
The Wootton Bassett SPAD on 7th March 2015: Idiotically shit and stupid design of safety-critical railway equipment
Why image hosting sites are shit
Instagram... is FUCKING SHITE
And so are ipads. Buy a proper laptop for fuck's sake.
Laser Wankers (Also applies to other similar forms of wanker)
Libreoffice is a fucking piece of dysfunctional shite.
Matthew Garrett is a moronic shithead
Menus: Fuck off making them block the actual content
Milk - or the fucked up shit that is sold as milk these days
Morons and the word "substitute"
Myspace msplinks redirects - a crackers' and phishers' paradise Updated 03-05-2010
Music. Shit music, of course.
9-11... Never forget... that the US government take the fucking biscuit when it comes to mass murder of civilians.
NTL's cable laying technique
Orange and Mint - Universal plastic grossitude
Parkway stations
Pelicon Crossing Wankers
Plusnet and their fuckshite (and possibly illegal) billing system
Pooh (spelling)
Pockit (prepaid card cunts)
Prepaid debit card lying wankers
Pressed Steel
Public toilet entrance doors
Railway doors
Rob Lockhart is a twat
Roadwork Cunts
Selfridges in Birmingham
Shit Words
Station Shit
SORBS DNSBL: Fucking up people's email - Matthew Sullivan is an arrogant wanker
Superkings cigarettes packet change
Shitey train seats
The Packaging of Tea
The food at the Three Shires Inn, Little Langdale
Toilets designed by idiots (and a crap sink as well)
Vance Miller the Con-man and his shite-arsed kitchen spam
Hard Vegetables
The "Verdana" font
Web Video: HTML5, Flash, and a Bunch of Fucking Cunts

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