CD Cases

A short and simple one this. You know the plastic cases, with the stupid name of "jewel cases", that CDs come in? You know how they always end up breaking at the hinge?

There is a simple solution to this. Have a look at a CD case. Hold it in its normal orientation, so you can read the cover and the hinge is on the left. Study the hinge area... There is a useless sort of boxed in section running vertically up and down the left hand edge, and there are two ears projecting from the lid, with little pins on, that engage in recesses in the end of the boxed-in bit. The ears, being unsupported, are weak, and tend to break off at the root.

Now, if the top of the boxed-in bit were to be removed, and the left hand edge of the lid extended leftwards to cover the gap... the problem is solved. The lid is now a uniform channel section all the way across; there are no more weak "ears", as the bits with the little pins on are now simply part of the sides of the channel, and are supported by the extension of the edge of the lid over what was the boxed-in area. Much, much stronger. Vastly reduced chance of breaking the hinge. It even works out to be a little simpler to mould.


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