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This page is about milk supplied by Freshways dairies, of 16 Eastman Road, London W3 7YG. They apparently have a website at which I have never looked at. You can tell their milk because it says "Freshways" in big letters on the label and it comes in litres instead of pints.

The problem with Freshways milk is that it is shit, and the "use by" date is a fucking lie. They should change their name to Sourways in the interests of accuracy.

The local corner shop sells Freshways milk, and so do some of the not quite so local corner shops around here. And most of the time it goes off before I have managed to finish the bottle, with its "use by" date still in the future. This does not happen with ordinary milk from the Co-op or Sainsbury's or Tesco or even Aldi or anywhere like that. Ordinary milk lasts the distance and does not go off on me unless I don't put it in the fridge or something. Freshways milk always goes off before its "use by" date and often goes off before I can use all of it.

I have just had to throw away half a bottle of Freshways milk when I only fucking bought it yesterday and its "use by" date is still six days in the future. It was OK when I bought it but after a night in the fridge it became undrinkable. I tried to make a cup of tea with it and it just went all dark brown with great big coagulated lumps in it.

This problem does not arise with ordinary milk. It nearly always does arise with Freshways milk.

You can't even dodge the problem by buying it in smaller quantities so you finish the bottle quicker. The one-litre bottles go off twice as fast as the two-litre bottles, and the half-litres or actual pints or whatever they are sometimes start going off only a couple of hours after you've opened them. It's a load of fucking shite.

Another problem you get with Freshways milk is that they are no fucking good at using the right amount of glue to stick the sealing disc over the end of the bottle. Half the time they use enough glue to hold an elephant and you can't get the fucking thing off without poking a hole in it to get a better grip, and the other half of the time they use so little glue that one side of the disc isn't stuck down at all and you find milk on the inside of the screw top where it's been leaking since before you even bought it.

Strangely, though, leaky sealing discs are not the reason for it going off. It goes off anyway whether it's been leaking in the shop or not. The ones where the disc is over-glued and you can't bloody shift it are just as likely to go off on you as the ones where the disc is so badly glued there's a crack like a mule's cunt round the edge of it. Whatever they do to fuck it up must happen before it gets to the stage of having the disc stuck on.

There are other outfits who supply milk to corner shops in litres instead of pints but I think they are all just different names for Freshways because they are all just as shit. They all go off well before their "use by" dates while ordinary milk from non-cowboy outfits under the same conditions does not. And they all come in litres instead of pints and they all have suspicious head office addresses (eg. the kind that if they were real none of the buggers who use it for an address would have an office bigger than a cupboard) and they all have the same kind of claims to be local rather than imported produce which in some indefinable but undeniable manner look like they must be dodgy and probably are not true.

And it's definitely not the corner shops' fault because before they started being forced to use shit suppliers their milk was no more likely to go off than anyone else's. The litre cunts are a relatively recent arrival. All these corner shop suppliers like Miserable Shopper and Nastia and all the rest of the silly names are all basically the same outfit pretending to be a bunch of different ones, and when they stopped getting the milk from proper dairies and started getting it from shit ones instead then all the corner shops which are part of their racket had no choice but to sell shit milk that goes off before its "use by" date.

It's probably related to the only reason for selling milk in litres instead of pints being to rip people off in the first place. Since they aren't selling both kinds side by side it is easy to miss the litre containers being 14% smaller than the corresponding ordinary ones so they can charge ordinary prices for them without people noticing they're being sold short measure.

So fuck you Freshways and fuck all your silly aliases and fuck your shitty sour milk.

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