Superkings cigarettes

I have just bought a packet of Superkings cigarettes. I was most displeased to find a little card inside the packet, which looks like this:

FOR YOUR INFORMATION - Your pack design is changing Your SUPERKINGS pack design will shortly be enhanced

So, not only are the dozy twonks under the erroneous impression that I give a shit about the fucking pack design, they also decide to change it, for no reason, and advertise their pointless act.

What's the problem? Money is the problem. This sort of thing costs a bleeding fortune. It is an extremely safe bet that some bunch of shitheaded con artists has bamboozled some waste of oxygen at Superkings into paying out a fuck-load of money for a trivial and completely unnecessary modification to the pack design. MY money. Yes, MY money. You don't think the fuckwits are paying for it out of their own pocket, surely? They will pass the cost on to the smoker by increasing the price of the cigarettes (though they'll probably be sneaky about it and hold the price increase until the next Budget, so they can disguise it as a rise in tobacco duty). And what benefit does the smoker get from this? Fuck all.

Listen, dickwads. I don't give a flying fuck what the packet looks like and nor does anyone else who buys them. So don't waste MY money on this futile shit.

All graphic designers should be put up against the wall and shot, and so should anyone who is stupid enough to give them any money.

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