The Electoral Register

Electoral Register cunts: FUCK OFF.

electoral register propaganda

I don't WANT these fucking cunts to be able to look me up on some fucking database. I don't want ANY cunt to be able to look me up on some fucking database. You get to know my address if you are my friend and I have told you myself. Otherwise you can go and fuck yourself because it is none of your fucking business.

If you want me to register on the electoral roll then you need to fix this gross invasion of privacy. Once I can be assured that the ONLY reason anyone can look me up on the electoral register is because they are checking the fairness of elections then I might consider it. Until that is the case, you can get fucked.

And don't whine about "it's the law" or any of that shite. I don't fucking care. The law is wrong and needs to be changed. It is wrong because it fails to protect privacy and allows random cunts to look up my personal and private information. Fuck that.

Yes, I know about this crap about "full" and "edited" versions of the register. It's horseshit. It is horseshit because there are still people who have fuck all to do with elections who can get to see the "full" version. Unless NOBODY who is not doing it for the sole purpose of checking elections gets to see the "full" version then it will remain horseshit. Banks and mobile phone companies and any other cunt can fuck right off.

So I can't vote? Big fucking deal. In a constituency that always returns a Tory with a majority of several thousand there is no fucking point in voting anyway because it won't make any difference. It's a wasted vote whoever I vote for. Yes, the whole fucking electoral system needs to be fixed, not just the part of it that breaches privacy.

So stuff your fucking electoral register up your fucking arse until you have fixed it to keep other people's noses out of my fucking business.


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