House Cunts

So, we currently have in government a coalition of the Conservative party and the Lib Dems, who seem quite happy to fuck off their supposed principles if that's what it takes to pretend to be in power. (Not that I'd vote for the Lib Dems anyway because they have swallowed this fucking bullshit about anthropogenic global warming hook line and sinker and are dead keen to fuck people around from here to Sunday over this stupid crap, but that's by the by.) The Conservatives, being cunts, are pursuing a policy of fellate the rich and fuck the poor, in accordance with the wishes of the mindlessly stupid fascist cunts who post comments on the Daily Mail website.

A major part of this policy is to bitch and whine over how much it costs to run the benefit system and to try and reduce this cost by arbitrarily fucking with the rules to give them an excuse to stop paying people benefits, regardless of whether they need them or not. 'Course, it's not like they've got anything better to spend the money on, but they have to pander to the rich cunts who moan about how much income tax they are paying and the richer they are and therefore the less need they have for that money in the first place the more they fucking moan about it.

The biggest chunk of benefit costs goes on housing benefit, and perhaps the most notorious part of their reaction to the cost of housing benefit is the "bedroom tax". What this means is that if people on housing benefit are living in a place with more bedrooms than they are deemed to need then a chunk gets lopped off their benefit so they can't pay the rent. They are supposed to respond to this iniquity by moving into somewhere with fewer rooms, said smaller place being supplied by magic by the housing fairy so there's no problem about it not actually existing.

Note that this idea, apart from being totally cuntish to begin with, is based on a false premise. It assumes that more rooms automatically means more rent. This, of course, is not true, and so we get the fucking stupid spectacle of someone living in a place with "too many" rooms that costs 450 pounds a month to rent getting fucked on, while someone in an otherwise identical situation who is paying 600 pounds a month for somewhere with fewer rooms continues to get full benefit. And the person paying 450 pounds a month and having their benefit chopped can, if they find somewhere, move out of where they are and move into a place with fewer rooms that costs 600 pounds a month and get full benefit for it.

But on top of this, there is the further iniquity that the government are punishing people for being victims of a situation which government itself has deliberately created.

The reason housing benefit is the biggest chunk of benefit costs is because housing is so ridiculously fucking expensive. The reason housing is so ridiculously fucking expensive is because successive governments have all had the same fucking stupid idea that it's a good thing for housing to be ridiculously fucking expensive and have done all they can to make sure that house prices go as high as possible and to stop them coming down again, and of course rents follow the same trend.

Just what the pissing fuck is going through that mush inside their heads? How the fuck can it ever be a good thing for anything to be more expensive? Surely everyone knows that the cheaper things - any things - are, the better...

Well, the problem is that "everyone" doesn't count. Rich cunts count more than poor cunts. Employers are rich cunts who employ poor cunts. Rich cunts are greedy and want to be even richer cunts even though they by definition do not need to be. So they try and make the poor cunts do as much work as possible so they can take the money for themselves and give as little of it back to the poor cunts as they can get away with.

The poor cunts, of course, do not like being treated like shit and want to do something about it. The government, on the other hand, wants to make sure they can't do anything about it. Which is quite easy. All they have to do is make house prices stupidly fucking enormous so that even if people spend over half their income paying fucking mortgages they still won't clear it until they're about to retire. This makes people shit scared of losing their jobs because losing their jobs means losing the roof over their head, so they don't dare to rock the boat and instead just have to put up with whatever shit the employers throw at them.

And what makes it even worse is that once people have got trapped in this mess they end up supporting it themselves even though they're being fucked up by it. They get infected by another fucking stupid idea - which is exactly what the government wants - that having once committed themselves to paying three fortunes for a shed, if prices then fall they are somehow being diddled or cheated in some way. Fuck knows why, and fuck also knows why they can't see that they have already been diddled and nothing is going to change that because you can't change what's already happened...

Fucksake, once you have a house... oh, and by the way, I'm deliberately avoiding this bullshit pretentious crap of calling a house a "property". That's just wanking. It's a stupid fucking word which is used to encourage people to think that having a house means they're some kind of financial magnate or something, playing money games with the big boys, and so give them some excuse to justify to themselves being crippled by the amount they're spending paying for the fucking thing. It's bullshit. "Property" is just something you own. The pile of ash and fag ends which is at my right hand as I type this is my property, because I own it. Houses, though, for most of your life you don't own it, it's the mortgage cunts who own it...

Fucksake, once you have a house it does not make any difference what it is worth as a number of pounds. That is only important when you are making the transition from not having a house to having one. Once you do have one, its absolute value is meaningless. You can't exchange the house for money because if you do that you no longer have anywhere to fucking live. All you can do with it is exchange it for a different house. The only meaningful value it has is its value in relation to other houses. If house prices go down and it's worth fewer pounds it is not a problem, because other houses also become worth fewer pounds and your ability to exchange it remains the same - only with the advantage that if you want to exchange it for a better one you don't need to put in so many pounds to make up the difference.

Nor does it matter if the house becomes worth fewer pounds than you had to borrow to get hold of it. You still have to pay the same amount of money back no matter what. You don't somehow magically have to pay less if the house continues to be worth more, or have to pay more if the house is worth less. Yes, it's a rip-off - but it always was a rip-off from the word go, and nothing has changed that. The amount of money you have to pay back was determined at the start and does not change if house prices change. Lower house prices don't mean you have to pay more; if anything they mean you have to pay less - if you decide to move into a more valuable house then you don't have to pay so much extra.

I suppose a lot of this stupidity is related to the similarly stupid tendency people have of trying to pretend that having bought some expensive thing they somehow still have the money as well, in a having your cake and eating it style. Like cars for instance. People buy a car for say 20,000 pounds and then can't accept that they no longer have that 20,000 pounds. Instead they pretend that they still do have it and then reconcile the pretence with reality by further pretending that they are paying it bit by bit over the years. This leads them into further idiocies like saying that the car cost them x thousand pounds more to run this year than it really did cost, because they are counting these imaginary payments as well as the money they really did spend on petrol and insurance and shit. They call this "depreciation" because that sounds better than "being in denial over having spent 20,000 pounds and acting like a fucking idiot over it", and also is a lot shorter. FuckSAKE. You either have money or you don't have it. If you spend it on something then you don't have it any more. Pretending you do still have it is fucking stupid, and pretending to be spending the money you no longer have bit by bit is even more fucking stupid. Your car cost you 20,000 pounds, therefore you haven't got that 20,000 pounds any more, so just fucking deal with it.

It's the same with houses. You buy a house for 200,000 pounds; that means you have had to borrow 200,000 pounds to pay for it, and therefore you have to pay back 200,000 pounds (plus interest), and fuck nothing is going to change that. That 200,000 pounds is gone, vanished, pfoof, not there any more. It doesn't make a blind fuck of difference what happens to the value of the house. You haven't got the money any more and there is no way you can ever get it back. Well, not unless you're happy with sleeping under a bridge.

You are not getting richer if the absolute value of your house goes up. You are not getting poorer if the absolute value of your house goes down. The absolute value of your house is not fucking important. You can either keep money or you can spend it. You can't do both, no matter how good it would be if you could. Stop trying to pretend you've still got the money when you fucking haven't.

Fucking look at it.

You buy a house for 200,000 pounds; then a few years later you want to buy a bigger one, which costs 300,000 pounds. You have to pay an extra 100,000 pounds to make up the difference.

You buy a house for 200,000 pounds; then a few years later you want to buy a bigger one, which costs 300,000 pounds. Only in the meantime house prices have gone up 50% so your house is now worth 300,000 pounds and the one you want to get is worth 450,000 pounds. You have to pay an extra 150,000 pounds to make up the difference.

You buy a house for 200,000 pounds; then a few years later you want to buy a bigger one, which costs 300,000 pounds. In the meantime house prices have gone down 50% so your house is now worth 100,000 pounds and the one you want is worth 150,000 pounds. You only have to pay an extra 50,000 pounds to make up the difference.

In all three cases you still have to pay back all of the 200,000 pounds you borrowed to buy the first house. If house prices stay the same, you also have to pay back another 100,000 for buying the replacement. If house prices go up, you have to pay back another 150,000 pounds for the replacement. If house prices go down, you only have to pay back an extra 50,000 pounds. So you are BETTER off if house prices go DOWN. Fucking NOBODY is better off with house prices going up, except for the mortgage cunts who get to collect more interest payments.

All the money you have spent on your house is gone forever and you can never get it back. Because you can't do without a house. Unless you are fucking dead, of course; then you get a free house (or at least, one that some other bugger pays for), even if it is a bit small and has six feet of earth on top blocking the door. On the other hand you don't need the money either and couldn't do anything with it if you did have it.

People are fond of saying that money spent on rent is gone forever, but money spent on buying a house somehow isn't because you've got the house and can sell it. These people are stupid fucking cunts who don't have a fucking clue how to think straight. For any of those stupid fucking cunts who happen to read this: Here is a little experiment to try. Sell your house and get the money for it. Do this in the middle of winter to make the point better. See how well you manage to keep warm by wanking over your money as you sit under your bridge. See how long it takes you to succumb to hypothermia once your dick is too sore to wank any more. See if anyone notices that you have collapsed from hypothermia and calls an ambulance. What are you going to do when you get out of hospital (assuming you make it that far in the first place)? That's right, you'll spend the money on buying another fucking house. So now you have a house again. And you have not got the fucking money any more. You CAN'T get back the money you spend buying a house by selling it again because YOU NEED A FUCKING HOUSE. Fucksake it's so bleeding obvious it's painful. How the fuck people can be so fucking dense and so fucking easily led as to let themselves be brainwashed into thinking otherwise is beyond me entirely.

So GET FUCKING REAL. Drop all the pretend bullshit about money, drop this stupid illusion that paying a fortune to live in a shoebox means you're some kind of financial wheeler dealer big shot. You're not. You're just an ordinary cunt who has a house because you need it to live in, being fucked over by the government and being brainwashed into believing some incredibly fucking stupid bollocks to stop you noticing you're being fucked over. Balls to that. Start living in the real world instead of in financial bullshit cloud cuckoo land, get it through your thick skull that lower house prices mean you and everyone else are in a better position, and for fuck's sake stop supporting by your ignorance and stupidity the government's manipulations to keep you under your employer's thumb.

It is interesting to observe that what started out as a rant about the government being cunts has ended up metamorphosing into a rant about people with houses being moronic fucking idiots. I guess this reflects the degree of wind-up the different topics induce. Governments are, after all, expected to be cunts, so the wind-up potential of seeing them behaving in the expected manner is limited. On the other hand I can't help expecting individual people to show at least a modicum of common sense and self-interest, so when instead I see them accepting, in a passive, ovine manner, ideas which are so outrageously bleeding stupid it's a wonder anyone can get away with proposing them in the first place, acting in a self-destructive manner as a result of these beliefs, and resolutely failing to realise that they are being manipulated into acting contrary to their own interests for the benefit of a bunch of selfish cunts, then it does rather tend to wind me right the fuck up to the horse's ass, to coin a phrase.

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