The fox-hunting ban

Why am I complaining about the fox-hunting ban? No, I'm not one of those sick bastards who goes out killing things for fun. My objection is quite opposite to theirs.

Fox hunting and other blood sports are barbaric pastimes which you have to be sick in the head to enjoy, and they should have been banned decades ago, in the same way that dog fighting is banned. What do we get instead? After a completely ridiculous amount of parliamentary time, exacerbated by the existence of an upper chamber containing an unrepresentatively high proportion of sick bastards, we get a half-arsed piece of shitty legislation which is so weak and full of loopholes that apparently it is possible to avoid prosecution by taking a bird of prey with you on the hunt. How fucking stupid is that?

And the trouble is that because hunting is now nominally "banned", and it took a stupidly excessive amount of political shagging around to achieve that, it becomes a whole lot harder to introduce further measures to actually make the ban as effective and far-reaching as it bloody well ought to be. What is required is a total, no-fucking-about ban on all forms of deliberate wildlife torture. Hunting - OUT. Shooting - OUT. Traps and snares - OUT. Poison - OUT. Simply legislate that "Anyone killing or injuring a wild animal is to receive a sentence of not less than two years' imprisonment." Every repeat offence doubles the previous sentence. No options of fines, suspended sentences or other soft get-outs, just bang them up for long enough to really fuck their lives and businesses up. If the sick fucks don't like that, they can work out their bloodthirsty impulses by killing each other, and make the world a better place. And cunts like Rentokil would be forced out of business, which would also make the world a better place.

Yes, they argue about the need for "control" of wild animals, and it's all bullshit. For one thing, it's not necessary. It's the sick humans who are intelligent enough to know better that need to be controlled. For another, it doesn't make any sodding difference going around killing things. We're talking about pretty small creatures that breed rapidly, having several young a year, most of which don't survive. If you kill some of them all you do is increase the breeding success of the rest of them and the overall population is unchanged. It's cruel, it's unnecessary and it doesn't fucking work.

And if you're worried about foxes getting into the chicken run then build the fucking chicken run properly. If you make the thing out of rotten wood and rusty wire then of course the foxes are going to get in. Duh. Make it out of steel and concrete, and maintain it properly, and the foxes won't get in. They may have teeth but they don't have Stihl saws. Anyone who reckons that killing foxes is the best way to keep them away from the chickens is (a) stupid (see previous paragraph), (b) sick and (c) too much of a lazy cheapskate bastard to build a proper chicken run.

So let's have a proper ban on all blood sports and other forms of deliberate cruelty, not the current half-arsed fuckup.

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