Shit Words

These are Shit Words, which are used in an attempt to stifle discussion by implying that the other party has no right to their point of view in the first place. Such behaviour is the action of an arsehole.

Sadly, they are often used by people of left wing sympathies, but that shows only that it is possible to be leftwardly-inclined and yet still be a tit.

The definitions I give are not derived from a dictionary. The contexts in which these words are used are such that the dictionary definition either carries a meaning which cannot be reconciled with the overall meaning of the sentence the word is being used in, or else simply can't be made to fit at all. (Or in some cases, doesn't even exist because the word is made up.)

Instead, these definitions are the context-derived definitions: they are arrived at by mentally replacing the word concerned with something like "mthlgraah", and then deducing what "mthlgraah" has to mean from hundreds of instances of seeing it used - in other words, by basically the same process by which one naturally learns new words in the absence of a dictionary.

Do not use these words if you do not want to look like a cunt.

Shit Word Contextually-deduced meaning of the way this word is used
Privilege Omnilege; a legal right guaranteed to everyone, but the law is unevenly applied. So instead of attacking this uneven application I'd rather be snidey and rude about someone to whom its application happens, through no action of their own, to coincide with the law's intention.
Entitled How dare you think this shit thing ought not to be shit? You have no right to disapprove of something being shit. You're on the other side of the argument, so you're not on the approved list of people who get to complain about things which are shit (which I make, and which everyone else has to agree with).
Mansplaining Someone tried to be helpful by pointing out something which I didn't appear to know. But actually I did know it, so I'm going to be a rude ungrateful cunt and sneer at them for trying to be helpful.
Manspreading The seats on this train are too small and cramped. I feel the need to complain, but I am too thick to understand that the cause of the problem is the twat who designed them like that and direct my ire accordingly. Instead I'd rather moan about my fellow victims trying to find a way to sit comfortably in seats which are too bloody small.

(I don't know why the fuck the "man" prefix keeps appearing. I've never noticed any gender bias in telling people something you don't think they know, and the linked article provides photographic evidence that neither women nor men sit rigidy to attention at all times like dickheaded seat designers think they should.)

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