Pooh (spelling)

Book cover: Cooking With Pooh. Pooh happily stirs up dough, currants and some dog shit in a bowl.
The bear and the shit are spelt the same

Why is it that nobody can spell the word "pooh" these days? Everyone misses off the H on the end. Look, you dickwits. It's not spelt "poo". It's spelt "pooH". Look. Pooh pooH POOH POOH. As in "Winnie the Shit". Fuck's sake, the sodding word's been printed enough times with the correct spelling in one of the most popular children's books in the world, not to mention a highly successful Disney franchise. There's no excuse for not knowing how to spell it so fucking sort it out. Nobody ever had any difficulty remembering how to spell it when I was at school. But then I hear that teachers aren't allowed to correct kids' spelling mistakes these days. Standards of education in this country have gone right down the toilet. Like a pooh.

Book cover: Pooh Cook Book. Pooh looks up in the air to follow the trajectory of the turd he is tossing with his frying pan.
Shit, bear. Bear, shit. Toss. Yum yum.

Not that I use the word myself - there are plenty of other words for shit that are not so irritatingly twee. I find it a really annoying word. But it's even more annoying when people can't bloody spell it properly.

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