The 2011 UK/London Riots and the Bullshit

I have just been unwise enough to read the wikipedia page on the 2011 UK riots.

.....Fuck... Me... what an egregious pile of pseudo-intellectual meaningless apologist unreality-based waffle.

Or, to put it more succinctly, bullshit.

Screenful after screenful of complete bollocks, nearly all of it seeking to exonerate the rioters themselves from blame and present it either as a justified reaction to government policies or as something they did because in the sort of life they were living they couldn't help themselves. Nearly all of it written by people who are dumb enough to believe the bullshit fed to them by a tiny minority of participants whose pseudo-marxist politically-correct convictions delude them into thinking everything that ever happens anywhere is some kind of proletariat-vs-bourgeoisie political struggle, with the balance made up by people of similar convictions who inhabit the university departments of bullshit arts-subject-masquerading-as-a-science non-disciplines and can therefore use the "university" tag to lend a spurious authority to their moronic delusions - spurious, yet enough to get their views accepted as "fact" by the standards of wikipedia, even though they have no more genuine "authority" than the unrealistic ideas of any moronic jerk whether bearing a degree or not.

For... Fuck's... Sake.

What the fuck is wrong with people that they have to make up this kind of shit? Why are they so bleeding desperate to make out that the rioters are somehow not to blame for their own actions? To portray it as in some way justified and/or to portray the rioters as having no choice in what they did because their personal circumstances made it impossible for them to do anything else? And why do they not see how fucking stupid the whole thing is? Of course the rioters had a fucking choice. Nobody and nothing forced them to go out and riot. They were perfectly free to sit on their arses smoking weed and playing video games while listening to shit music like they usually do, but instead they decided of their own free will to go out with their mates and break things. The idea that there was some reasonable justification for it is so many orders of magnitude more fucking ridiculous that it doesn't merit any consideration whatsoever. And it is so blatantly apparent to anyone who isn't from a completely alien species that nearly everything on that wikipedia page is nothing but complete and utter crap that wikipedia really ought to delete the whole fucking thing on the grounds that it brings the site into disrepute.

It certainly shows up the weaknesses in wikipedia's policy as to what constitutes a valid source. Some fucking dickhead with a worthless degree in some bullshit subject which consists of providing "explanations" for any and every aspect of human behaviour with all the facile glibness and intellectual validity of astrology who only took that course in the first place because they are too bleeding thick to study any subject which actually requires you to think instead of just making up any old bollocks as long as it has enough marxistoid buzzwords and buzz-concepts in it and whose complete disconnection from reality is instantly apparent to anyone from beyond their own coterie of like-minded idiots qualifies as a valid source despite their manifest unsuitability, while the countless thousands of variants on "u comin to smash fings tonite lol" posted by the rioters themselves on facebook and twitter are from "unreliable sources" and are excluded despite being the most direct and honest evidence of what actually did pass through the rioters' excuses for minds.


They did it because it is fun to smash things up and set fire to them - at least it is if you are a complete fucking moron with a brain made out of soup, and unfortunately a good 90% at a minimum of humans in general are indeed complete fucking morons, as even the most cursory glance at the world around you makes obvious. And they did it because it is fun to get a new TV or playstation or pair of trendy trainers with no more difficulty than simply walking into a shop and stealing it.

Don't believe me? Try it yourself. Leave more or less any object out in a public place where there is no significant police presence. If it's something that can be carried off - whether by hand or in the back of a Transit - and either used or sold, then that is exactly what will happen to it. If it is even remotely fragile, it will be smashed up by some unimaginative fuckhead who is so dead in the head that an act of random destruction will be the highlight of his day. If it's flammable, then eventually it will be set on fire (as long as the rain holds off, which is why sofas and mattresses are the only things that survive - they are too squishy to be smashed, and the British weather ensures that they remain too soggy to burn.) And it won't take very long before this happens, either.

Or look at what happens to unused buildings whose disuse makes it apparent that they are effectively ignored and unguarded. Any window within range of a hand-launched ceramic ballistic kinetic-energy weapon gets smashed. Anything inside which is remotely saleable or useful gets nicked. And the only reason relatively few of them get burnt down is that everything that isn't made of brick or concrete gets nicked first, so the various newspaper bonfires whose ashes can be seen at numerous points within the building are not able to spread.

The riots were caused by nothing more than thousands of hooligans and thieves all realising at the same time (and if they didn't realise by themselves, the TV reports soon showed them) that if they all went out to hoolig and thieve at the same time, then the police would be so greatly outnumbered that every building was effectively unguarded. So they did. They all went out together to have a laugh smashing and burning things and then nicked playstations and wall-sized TVs and went proudly home to play with their new toys. And they did this simply because they considered it an enjoyable way to spend their time.

No, it was fuck all to do with Mark Duggan. Maybe that was the initial spark, by way of providing a well-publicised demonstration of how powerless the police are when greatly outnumbered by hooligans. But the vast majority of the rioting was nothing more than people all of a sudden realising that they had a great opportunity to get free stuff by stealing it and to have what mindless morons consider to be a laugh smashing and burning things because there weren't enough police to stop them.

No, there is no need to invent a bunch of airy-fairy bollocks about class struggle and deprivation and blah de this and blah de that to explain why they did it. There is no such thing as "class struggle". It's a fantasy concept which only exists inside the heads of a certain segment of the left, and has fuck all to do with the real feelings of the "class" who are supposed to be "struggling" - look, for example, at the Russian revolution; if the "political theory" had any validity then the ordinary Russians would have welcomed it with open arms, whereas in reality they had to be more or less forced into it at gunpoint and kept compliant by the Cheka and its successors. And nobody in Britain is "deprived", outside a very small minority who themselves had fuck all to do with the riots. Everyone who was rioting was well fed, well clothed, had a roof over their head, could get medical care for the asking when they needed it, had ready access to drugs both legal and illegal, had luxury toys like computer games and expensive mobile phones - interesting how the wikipedia page can at the same time blame "deprivation" and bang on about how the rioters communicated via Blackberry messaging and the internet, without apparently being aware of the contradiction... fucksake, they even point out that the Blackberry messaging network played a major part in the rioters' communication because they are the population segment who own more fucking Blackberries than any other. People who have several hundred pounds free to spend on an electronic toy are not fucking "deprived". The only thing they are "deprived" of is that which the wikipedia apologists are also deprived of - more than two brain cells to rub together.

No, there is no need to fabricate endless reams of sociopolitical bullshit to explain why they wanted to do it. There's no need to look beyond elementary zoology. It's just a straightforward example of monkeys doing what monkeys do. And regardless of all the egotistical self-justifying bollocks so dear to those who need to maintain their delusion of the human species being different in kind from other primates, human beings are nothing but fucking monkeys with clothes on. And they've only even had the fucking clothes for 0.1% of their evolutionary history. In evolutionary terms the human mentality is still at the stage of living in trees and throwing shit at each other. All this civilisation-dignity-of-man crap is just paint. Under the paint is a monkey. And the monkey is what you saw in the riots.

(Oh, just to make it absolutely clear... to anyone who might feel inclined to jump to some erroneous conclusion regarding my use of the word "monkey" and the proportion of ethnic minorities participating in the riots, your idiocy is beneath my contempt. Granted, anyone who is stupid enough to think that probably can't read at all, let alone get this far, but you never know. The "monkey" designation is in respect of all human beings, regardless of ethnicity, and regardless also of whether they had any connection with the riots. Yes, it does mean you (unless you're an extraterrestrial or a sapient dolphin or something).)

No, I'm not a fascist. I'm a fucking realist. I'm not saying any of this out of any political affiliation - my political views could be largely summarised as "the party in power are nasty stupid cunts, the opposition are a slightly-but-only-just different kind of nasty stupid cunts, politicians are selfish cunts motivated by the lure of personal power and who are automatically unsuited to the job simply because they want it in the first place, and propounders of political theory are bullshit artists of the first water who might as well be extraterrestrials for all they know about what life on this planet is really like". I'm simply saying it because unlike the contributors to that wikipedia page I am not a head-in-the-clouds fucking idiot with an obsessive need to deny the monkey nature of the human species, and it pisses me off to see that great swathe of complete bullshit stuck up on wikipedia as if it had some connection with reality and yet be unable to make any attempt at balancing it because stuff written by bullshit artists with spurious degrees in non-subjects unfortunately fits wikipedia's idea of a "reliable source" whereas stuff posted on facebook and twitter by the rioters themselves does not. I'm saying it had fuck all to do with politics and those who insist it did are fucking idiots. I'm pissed off at stupidity, not at politics. That those who do insist on a spurious political connection come from a certain part of the political spectrum is merely a coincidence, and its only relevance is that it means I can insult them with references to well-known political cunts and cuntery as well as simply calling them stupid cunts in their own right.

Not to mention that there are fucking idiots on the right wing also coming up with idiotic "explanations". Like saying the rioters were protesting against not having jobs. I mean just what the fuck? Why should they want jobs? They have food and clothing and shelter and expensive luxury electronic toys anyway. They may be mindless idiots, but they're not such mindless idiots as to protest against having all their needs plus luxuries on top without having to do anything to get it. The view that you should actually want to spend your days in drudgery to get something when you have the option of just getting it anyway without having to do anything is definitely a right-wing idiocy, and it is held by people who are such complete and utter fucking idiots that they not only hold it themselves but assume everyone else holds it as well and gets just as upset as they would at not being able to make their own lives more difficult. (And yet the odd thing is that they are nevertheless happy to use "turkeys voting for Christmas" as a metaphor or simile for stupidity, oblivious to how applicable it is to themselves...)

The rioters were not, not, not in any sense political activists or making any kind of protest or political statement. They were simply thieves and hooligans taking advantage of superiority of numbers to get away with thievery and hooliganism when the police couldn't do anything about it. They did it because they could get nice things for free by stealing them and because they enjoyed smashing and burning things. They found smashing and burning things enjoyable because monkeys do find that sort of thing enjoyable and because they were mindless idiots who are too fucking stupid to think of anything better to do. That's all there is to it. Fuck all the frills, the trendy right-on political bullshit, the obsession with the myth of human moral superiority and denial of the monkey under the paint. All that shit is nothing more than shit. If you want a reason both for the riots themselves and for the shit spouted over them it is nothing more complicated than "humans are stupid cunts".

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