Stephan Laurent is a scamming scumbag

That's Stephan Laurent of 44 Sandpiper Drive, Slade Green, Erith, Kent, DA8 2NY, United Kingdom, phone 01322 339 637, email address . Known on ebay as PowerMAX Performance, PowerMaxx2009 or PowerMaxxx2009 (he can't even make up his mind how many Xs to put in it), and also the proprietor of Fuel Saving Technologies in Dartford.

Look at the stupid piece of shit this fuckheaded bastard is flogging on ebay: Copy of Stephan Laurent's ebay page selling ripoff shit that doesn't work

What is it? It's a fan that sits in the inlet tract of an engine and is rotated by the airflow. Yes, by the airflow. It's not even one of the usual stupid computer fan things which look the same, it's entirely passive. And completely fucking pointless. The only effect it will have is to restrict the airflow and reduce the engine's maximum power output.

Yet this verminous scumbag is making all kinds of impossible claims about it increasing power output, reducing fuel consumption and blah blah blah, all of which are complete and utter bullshit - yet the sad thing is that people who don't understand how engines work will believe this shite and pay good money for something which is a complete pile of wank.

How the fuck does this bastard have the gall to take people's money for this piece of crap? He is nothing but a con artist, no better than a common thief. He ought to be prosecuted for fraud and deception or whatever it's called these days and forced to refund everyone who has ever been conned into buying this bollocks.

He proves he's a fucking idiot with this piece of garbage quoted off his ebay page:

If you look at a jet engine, it has some large fans in front of the air intake, called turbines, that spin to compress the incoming air, using just the velocity of the incoming air to turn the blades to enable air to be compressed into the jet engine before combustion takes place.

Complete bollocks. The "fans in front of the air intake" of a jet engine are spun by the turbine at the back of the engine. It's energy from the turbine, provided by burning the fuel, which compresses the air. Dead basic stuff. What he's describing would be a perpetual motion machine which as everyone with any scientific knowledge knows doesn't work.

Looking at his other items for sale he's also selling those fucking stupid magnets which clamp round your fuel line and do absolutely nothing whatsoever, complete with the usual steaming bullshit claiming that they do all sorts of things for which there is no basis whatsoever in real-world fuel chemistry. Another thing which does not work and whose only effect is to effectively steal money from people with no scientific knowledge.

According to LinkedIn this total arse biscuit has a company called "Fuel Saving Technologies" in Dartford. I can't find a website for that company, which is just as well really, because if it's anything resembling his ebay shite it'll be nothing more than another front for scams.

So there you go chaps, if ever you come across anything being sold by Stephan Laurent, PowerMAX Performance, PowerMaxx2009, PowerMaxxx2009, or Fuel Saving Technologies in Dartford, you will know not to buy it because it's being sold by a scamming cunt.

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