The pachyderm pertaining to the female in question

This used to be a page explaining in considerable detail, with lots of quotes and citations and shit, how Stuart Forrest, ex of Pistonheads is an arrogant cunt who gets moronic ideas stuck in his single brain cell and is so convinced that nobody who disagrees with him can possibly be right that he refuses to acknowledge even the most comprehensive refutations, with severe negative consequences for the contentment of users of the Pistonheads forums and the general wellbeing of the Pistonheads forum community.

Said fuck then banned me from Pistonheads for what I had written on this page - note that: for what I had written on my own website, not on Pistonheads - thereby further demonstrating that he is an arrogant cunt. This had the entertaining result that people who had not been banned and wondered where I was posted links to this page on Pistonheads, whereas before there had not been any such, rendering Stuart's move amusingly counterproductive.

While it was somewhat gratifying to find myself part of an example of the Streisand effect in action, after a few years I no longer gave a shit and so I removed the link to this page from the index. Some time after I did this Stuart noticed that the link had gone and posted a bunch of bullshit on Pistonheads about what he falsely thought was the reason I had removed it, so I then replaced the text of the page with an elucidation that he was talking through his arse and details of exactly how and why he was talking through his arse.

Now that too has become irrelevant since Stuart has left Haymarket, which is probably the best thing that could have happened to Pistonheads short of Haymarket themselves vanishing from the scene. It is interesting to note that in the period immediately preceding Stuart's departure there were a significant number of posts made on Chew The Fat by people disillusioned with Pistonheads about Stuart being a cunt, and it makes me wonder if his departure was not entirely a voluntary act; it would not in the least surprise me to find that Haymarket had received a significant number of complaints from users of Pistonheads about them putting such a massive cunt in charge of the forums and consequently devised a way to get rid of him.

It is interesting that Stuart Forrest's twitter bio contains the statement (as of 2014-09-07) "Made Pistonheads successful". Interesting - or more accurately, hypocritical and mendacious. And egotistical. It was Petrol Ted who made Pistonheads successful. After all, it was his site. Stuart Forrest, although a long term member, had very little to do with it until Haymarket took it over, and he has no business at all trying to take the credit for Petrol Ted's achievement. Especially since, as noted, once he did become significantly involved with it all he achieved was to make anyone who had any interaction with him think he was a total cunt and drive away many long-term members.

However, interest in this page continues with links to it still sporadically appearing on Pistonheads, so having again removed the no-longer-relevant content I have replaced it with a potted history of the page, mainly to make it clear that while it might once have been an interesting page it isn't any more. I have also changed the filename to reflect the change in content. The main reason it is still up at all is that it is in the public interest to make these facts about Stuart Forrest's history known in order that anyone considering hiring him may be properly informed.

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