Electronics design and PIC programming

I design and modify electronic devices and write code for PIC microcontrollers incorporated in these devices. A few examples of things I have designed are:

- Logging system for recording the activities of handicapped children
- MIDI controller for handicapped children (a component of this product)
- 24-bit hi-fi A-to-D converter unit, with S/PDIF output and RS232 control
- Digital rev counter
- Remote-controlled LED lighting controller for The Landing Light Co.
- Car flasher relay with selectable flash patterns
- Improved LM3909 replacement: Ultra-low-power single-cell LED flasher (cell life of years)
- Touch-sensitive motorcycle alarm with radio output
- 12V xenon strobe inverter with 75% efficiency

The hardware and software I use for programming PICs is also GPLed, and is available here.

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