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...BUT DO TAKE NOTE: If you are sending from a Microsoft email address (hotmail, outlook, etc) do not expect a reply. Microsoft's email server randomly blacklists mine, repeatedly, for no fucking reason whatsoever, so I cannot rely on being able to reply to emails sent from it, and they do not provide any usable method of contacting them to report the false blacklisting and get it removed, so I just have to wait until they randomly take it off again.

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undiscovered "butterfly" nucleon Barclay James Harvest logo and a pigeon MZ TS250/1 motorbike facing to the right Animation of uniflow-scavenged two-stroke engine Volvo 164 from the front Debian GNU/Linux and Lister-Petter logos Large amounts of energy being released with enthusiasm and alacrity

One day, something occurred to me: I need to be contactable. It's no good to be able to find me on this website and then not be able to contact me other than by chasing me down through the forum links on it and accosting me in public in an off-topic thread... a method which carries several serious disadvantages that preclude my own use of it in an analogous situation. It is hard to make myself findable, but easy to make myself contactable once found. So here is Pigeon's contact page. It's what would be a normal contact page on someone else's site, but since this one's mine, it's a bit more strange than most contact pages.

For a start, it provides a link to a page to help confirm you've found the right site, which is also a bit strange. Also, I figured that since it's here it might as well do something useful as well as providing an email address to reach me, like providing some extra space for me to blather on in a way that I can't currently find a logical place for anywhere else on the site.

So if you do want to get in touch with me, drop me a line by clicking here:

Why might you want to? Well, all sorts of people read this site, and might want to get in touch with me for all sorts of different reasons. Perhaps you have a comment on my website, even if it's only "What the fuck is all that shit on your website?" - and if you do want to ask that, feel free to do so in those very words. Perhaps you have found a broken link or some other thing I've cocked up. Perhaps you want to ask a question about pigeons or Volvos or MZs or electronics or Linux or the other techy things I talk about... could be I know something you don't. Could be you know something I don't. Perhaps you want to engage me for some sort of photographic commission... I normally do landscape, but other subjects can be arranged; if it involves standing behind a camera (and you'll never find me in front of one) chances are I can do it. (Same if it involves electronics or Linux.) Perhaps you would like to discuss modifying a Volvo Amazon to accept a supercharged B30, or my supercharged two-stroke diesel bike project (which for some reason I don't have a web page about yet).

Or perhaps you are wanting to talk about something more interesting... Perhaps you have some prior knowledge of the phrase "Be kind to pigeons" or the Volvo 164. Perhaps you have some interesting information about supercriticality. Perhaps you have reason to believe that I pray to Jesus in situations where one would not normally expect someone to be talking to Jesus. Perhaps you would like to share some knowledge on how some as-yet undiscovered quantum property can cause the wave functions of macroscopic objects to exhibit anomalous maxima at macroscopic distances, or perhaps you would like to collaborate in some research into the use of chained quantum non-local connections propagating through successive generations of copying to add to conventional media a secure steganographic channel for encrypted sensitive information that can be transmitted through unmodified conventional equipment. Perhaps you would like me to explain what a Volvo 164 is, or who on earth Barclay James Harvest are. Perhaps you would like to discuss the distribution of the hair on my head. The email address is above. Oh yeah, and don't forget, if you wanna run cool, you got to run on diesel fuel.

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