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"Pigeon's Nest"s
Rally Volvo Amazon drifting on dirt

This is the real one!

Unfortunately "Pigeon's Nest" is not a unique name for a website. When checking how easy it is to find this site from various search engines I have discovered the following:

And there may be more impostors that I haven't discovered yet.

(It has to be said that this is less of a problem than it was. Thankyou Lord. But I like having this page on my website, so it's staying here.)

So I have created this page in an effort to help dispel any ambiguity. This is the real Pigeon's Nest website, run by me, Pigeon. I am a biker of mixed Celtic and Viking descent who also likes old cars, a man of technology and a pilot of purple twilight, a wild dove flying up where the sun is never crying. I am called Pigeon by all and sundry because of my efforts to make the lives of needy local pigeons that little bit more pleasant, and have adopted it as my name, keeping the original for use only by those close to me. I do not make dolls nor do I have sticky-up hair; rather, I create technologically-based stuff and my hair has to suffer occasional traumas incidental to this, such as being accidentally set on fire with a welding torch. My website features:

...not to mention a motorcycle page, a Debian GNU/Linux page, and a page with an "Ask the Monkey" feature. And a fair bit of other shit. But if you still require further confirmation that this is the real Pigeon's Nest, feel free to contact me.

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Be kind to pigeons

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