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Pigeon's Peculiar Pages

On this site there are various pages whose content is somewhat peculiar. They describe such things as unusual results which are not acknowledged by mainstream quantum theory, strange things to do with Volvos, why in the event of cardiac arrest it is more useful to call Jesus than an ambulance, or just apparently random columbine burblings with a deeper significance which may be apparent to a suitably knowledgeable potential reader (there does exist one, who could also help me solve my cleaning conundrum). They do not of themselves fit into any well-defined category, being on disparate subjects. Their common quality is the unusual nature of their content, so I have grouped them together under the heading of Peculiar Pages.

This page provides an index to the Peculiar Pages. They are, in fact, arranged in a ring; there is some minor logic to reading them in sequence, and they are linked to each other in such a way as to facilitate such a method, but this page provides a convenient method of accessing them at random.

Real vs. Fake "Pigeon's Nest"s This site is indeed the real Pigeon's Nest, run by the Pigeon you are looking for. Evidence for this abounds on the site; some of it is summarised on this page.
Remembering Joey Deacon A page inspired by Pink Floyd.
My Missing CDs A list of items which have vanished in an unusual and significant manner.
Quantum behaviour of macroscopic objects More detail on the missing CDs; theft of nuclear submarines by a commando squad of pigeons; a method of secret communication which is useless for conventional battlefield applications but excellent for sending secret love letters.
Six-cylinder Volvo Amazon How to construct the ideal vehicle with which to recover the missing CDs.
Pigeon's Cack Things that have happened to me, and what I think about them. Or just stuff I think about things. Being a pigeon, and a pigeon of mixed Celtic and Viking ancestry at that, I think some fairly peculiar stuff, so this subgroup of pages is appropriately classified under the Peculiar heading.
Intergalactic Federation of Space Pigeons Nearly all planets capable of supporting life are inhabited by pigeons and most species are so advanced as to make the Arisians look like dimwits. The Intergalactic Federation of Space Pigeons holds jurisdiction over all planets in known space to ensure that pigeons everywhere can live to fulfil their potential.
Contact Pigeon An opportunity to make comment to me on my peculiar pages. Any kind of comment is acceptable, even if it's no more than "What the fuck is all that shit on your website?"

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