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The MZ Page

A collection of miscellaneous information about two-stroke MZ motorcycles.

Cheap Exhausts
Burwins are (July 2005) selling TS250 exhausts for 39 quid. Their website doesn't mention it, but that's what they told me when they rebuilt my big end recently.

Photos of my MZ TS250/1

This bike is fitted with a 6 volt LED lighting system using "Lumiled" high intensity LEDs. These devices are cool - only one "Lumiled" is required to visually match the output of a 21W colour-filtered incandescent bulb. The design is adaptable to any vehicle with a 6-volt electrical system; with a few resistors changed it will also work on 12 volts. The design may be read here, and is also available for download in two formats: for proper operating systems and for Microshite. (WinZip claims to be able to handle .tar.gz format but people never seem to be able to make it work.)

It is also fitted with an optically-triggered ignition system - at present this isn't doing anything fancy with the timing, it's just a wear-free replacement for the points (though the points are still fitted in case it fucks up).

Here is an article written shortly after the wall came down, comparing the different reactions to two East German two-stroke vehicles, the MZ ETZ 125 and the Trabant.

MZ Tyres: Riders' Comments A collection of the thoughts of various MZ riders on how they rate their tyres.
MZ Oil: Riders' Comments A collection of the thoughts of various MZ riders on how they rate their two-stroke oil.

Useful MZ links

Simon Weller's MZ site - a very useful collection of MZ info.
Autosoviet - all sorts of stuff about vehicles from behind the Iron Curtain.
The MZ Riders club
The RatBike Zone There is significant crossover between the MZ and the Ratbike ethos, and MZs have a significant presence in the ratbike world.

Various suppliers of MZ parts - not necessarily in English. Some are more tuning-oriented but sell standard parts as well. Sending money to Germany can be a pain in the arse as they don't seem to use the same methods of funds transfer as everyone else, but the better availability of MZ parts in Germany can make it worthwhile. Particularly good for electronic ignition conversions.
Dutch MZ parts site
RZT Power
TKM Racing

These two are the "standard" MZ parts suppliers that "everyone" has heard of / dealt with. Their websites are uninformative and generally not much use - BSA Regal don't even have an online catalogue, let alone online ordering, so finding out what parts they have and how much they cost is a pain in the arse, but they are well-regarded as far as the actual trading goes. Burwins do have an online catalogue but it is far from complete - they actually sell pretty well everything you might want for an MZ, but you wouldn't think it from the catalogue, so don't be too put off if they don't list what you want. The lack of prices on their website is also offputting, but in fact they seem to be generally a little cheaper than German suppliers with better websites.
BSA Regal

This one doesn't seem to have a website at all, only an email address (and I don't think that works any more), but again they seem to know their stuff:
Barrie Rodgers
159-163 London Road
Tel: 01332 347977
Fax: 01332 340607
Email: (May not work!)

This one you definitely need to know about if you ride at night at all:
Paul Goff's bike bulb site. 6V halogen bulbs that fit MZ headlights (type BA20d), 6V halogen pilot bulbs, and suchlike useful stuff.

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