Jed: Missing file, keys not working

When recently (and somewhat belatedly) upgrading a couple of boxes running the woody distribution of Debian GNU/Linux to the new stable distribution, sarge, I encountered a configuration problem with the jed editor package. When attempting to edit any file, it would complain that it could not find a file named "linux.slc" in the current directory. Having acknowledged the error message, the editor would then start, but the Home and End keys (and probably a few others) did not work.

I cured the problem by copying
/usr/share/jed/lib/ from a non-upgraded machine to the upgraded one. The file linked above is the woody version of this file from jed 0.99.15-5.

Note that the functioning of the Home and End keys also depends on the keybindings defined. The keybindings I use may be found on this page.

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