An interesting week

Well, I thought so anyway...

A definite improvement on the week before, though that would not be hard, since that week I was ill with something (probably bird flu) which was a real pain in the arse and did its best to switch my head off, cheeky bastard virus that it was. Can't be doing with any of that - it's just not on.

Last week, by contrast, began with things seeming to be picking up a bit. In a bit of an upsy-downsy way, it has to be said, but not too downsy on the downs, and some of the ups reached a quite remarkable altitude. There was a sense of excitement, of anticipation that something would happen. Not something bad, despite the recent accommodation-related hassle I've been getting, but something good.

Unfortunately, by Friday evening things were somewhat less luminous, with a sense of something not having happened which seemed to intensify as the weekend wore on. Basically, the weekend was shit. With compensations, but generally pretty shit. Still, I'm used to that. There's something about weekends. They usually are shit, which is one reason I prefer to get on with stuff at weekends and have a good time in the week. Things feel much freer and more relaxed in the week. Weekends tend to be a bit (fx: holds head tightly in hands and goes *>ungh<*). But I'm not complaining. The times which are not like that do a lot more than make up for it.

And now it's Monday, and I'm thinking...

Fuck, it's a good thing space pigeons are really good at the bits of quantum mechanics that humans think don't exist

...while nevertheless finding it hard to write and feel at the same time, which is something of an awkward circumstance.

Update: And now it's Tuesday. Last night I played lots of Barclay James Harvest albums, notably "Face to Face", which ends with one of Les Holroyd's most outstanding works of brilliance, On The Wings Of Love. This came over the speakers at, er, ten to midnight or thereabouts, maybe a little earlier, and proved most inspiring. Yep, it's definitely not the weekend any more. This is good... And now it's my turn to be waiting for something to happen.

Further Update: Saturday now, 10th March 2007... Something happened... Not entirely what I expected to happen, but nevertheless when I look at the system logs of both my classical processing systems (ie. my webserver) and the quantum processing systems, I find that while the knowledge available to humans from their study of both science and other fields is completely inadequate to explain the result, it makes perfect sense in terms of columbine quantum mechanics. The Pauli exclusion principle - which explains, among other things, why particles tend to be more stable in pairs - is only a grain of sand on the beach of columbine theory of paired quantum entities.

And the week rocked. All good stuff... and it seems that the stray fields from the quantum processing system operating at high load have resulted in an interesting tunnelling event. The small object that tunnelled on the 20th of January, which I thought had gone for good, reappeared... inside my webserver, behind the disk drives. I found it at 3 in the morning last night. It was somewhat dusty, but significantly less dusty than a similar object that I retrieved from the innards of the server at the same time, which I knew to have got inside the server by classical gravitational means not much over a week ago, if that... so it must have got there within the last few days. And it was no longer in its plastic wrapping. Either it tunnelled out of my room complete with wrapping, then tunnelled out of its wrapping back into the inside of my server... or it tunnelled somewhere, someone found it and took it out of its wrapper, and then it tunnelled back. If that was you, please get in touch.

And the week stayed good... right up until about 6pm yesterday (Friday), when everything suddenly went shit. (What is it about that time of day? If things are going to suddenly go shit that's quite often when it happens. Pain in the arse it is. Can't we have a 22-hour day with that period of time just cut out of it entirely?) Then it got more shit at about 8pm. Then gradually got less shit as we moved into Saturday. Did manage some sort of recovery about when it started to get light again... but overall I'd still rate it as a fucking awful night. Admittedly I was fucking pissed off anyway about having to go and fix a washing machine at 10.30pm (though I did rather drop myself in that one), but it was an easy fix (as I had expected) and I was out for less than an hour in total and got paid on the spot... on the face of it, it seems insufficient to explain why the rest of the evening was so utterly cack.

However, on checking my system logs today I found some entries which I was neither expecting nor looking for... due to a mistake I made which is now stashed away on someone else's server where I can't correct it, I'm getting loads of cack in my system logs that I really don't want, and filtering it out so I don't get to see it is both a pain in the arse and not entirely reliable. The entries in question were caught by the same search terms as the entries I actually was looking for, and while I really didn't want that information, it nevertheless can be seen to correlate with the logs of the quantum processing systems in such a way as to indicate that perhaps it was just the fucking washing machine business after all. In which case it's a fucking good thing that that's all over and done with, and was an easy fix not requiring getting parts and going back to fit them or any of that shit.

Thing is, now it's Saturday, and it's dark and sad and cold. I mean literally cold, shivering sort of thing, despite the comfortable ambient temperature. I mean really fucking shitty. Something not right. I don't think this can be still due to the washing machine, and I don't have any washing machines to fix tonight. In fact I don't have any sort of hassle tonight. Something is wrong somewhere that I don't know about.

But I am a pigeon, and I have the means to generate sound waves in accordance with the data patterns recorded on a spiral-track optical disc. And I have many such discs, bearing such labels as "Pink Floyd", "The Alan Parsons Project" and of course "Barclay James Harvest".

And I think it's gonna be all right...

Sorry. This isn't actually a very interesting page, is it? I'm afraid I can't really expand on it any further. It'll have to stand as it is... "...who has ears to hear" and all that. Sorry. Be kind to pigeons, you might meet one some day.

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