Bloodhound SSC: Introduction

Some of the articles are collations of information on the Bloodhound website; nothing new, just all the information in one place. Some have parts from the Genome arranged to show how they work. Others are my idea of how they could work.

Reference to "the website" refers to the BloodhoundSSC website. Information from the website is reproduced with permission.

I use metric units. These have been the official units in Britain since the mid 1960s, so if you are not familiar with them then it is you who are out of date, not me who is being awkward.

I'll do my best to keep them up-to-date. Please contact me regarding any aspect of the articles. Information I've missed, new information, mistakes & corrections, alternative ideas about how things work, a request for more information...

If you are a member of the Bloodhound 1k Club then include your membership number to get priority in my To Answer list.

Hydraulics (HTML) - Hydraulics (PDF)
Jet Ancillaries (HTML) - Jet Ancillaries (PDF)
Rocket (HTML) - Rocket (PDF)
Steering (HTML) - Steering (PDF)
Suspension (HTML) - Suspension (PDF)
The Run (HTML) - The Run (PDF)

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