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This index page is deprecated and out of date. Completeness is not guaranteed. It exists now merely to avoid breaking existing links. Please refer to the main index.

Everything in this index is also in the main index, but some stuff in the main index is not in this index. So if you use this index you're gonna miss out. Man, are you gonna miss out.

Some people don't seem to read that bit, and carry on using this page. I'll make it clearer, then:


Bits and pieces that may be of interest.

Services - Pigeons - Motorcycles - Photos - Computers - Odds and sods - Rants

Design and coding
Electronics design and PIC programming See this page if you need any electronic design and/or PIC microcontroller programming done. Also describes a simple parallel-port programmer for 14-bit flash PICs, with software for Linux or DOS.

Pigeony stuff
Pigeon's nest webcam.
Hourly snapshots from the webcam over the past 24 hours.
Some photos of my pigeons.
Pictures posted to over the past week. This page is automatically generated from recent content on the fprc list, and is provided for the benefit of fprc list members, many of whom seem to have difficulty in viewing pictures posted to the list.
Diflucan (anti-fungal, good for pigeons) Info is about the human uses of diflucan though; dose for pigeons is 5-15mg/kg every 12-48 hours depending on what they've got. AFAIK it is available over the counter without need for a prescription.

The MZ Page A collection of information about two-stroke MZ motorcycles.
LED lighting system for 6 volt motorcycles

Photo album Mostly landscape, cars and bikes.

Computery stuff
ClockProg for SiS6326 graphics card and SVGATextMode
Conexant ADSL PCI modem driver for Debian - not a pukka .deb, but a hack of the RedHat driver tarball. I first tried it with Debian Woody (with backports) and kernel 2.4.24, then later dist-upgraded to sarge. YMMV on other combinations.
Setting up Debian woody to boot a root filesystem on LVM. This is what I did. Recipes for LVM1 / 2.4.x kernels and LVM2 / 2.6.x kernels are included. The information is still useful for sarge.
Linux 2.6.x kernels, cdrecord and the CyberDrive CW-088D CD writer. This drive has a bug which stops it working with any 2.6.x kernel, not just kernels < 2.6.10.
Miscellaneous problems and their solutions with Debian sarge. Includes a section on problems encountered when dist-upgrading Debian woody to sarge.

Odds and sods, mainly engineering-related
Article on the Class 66 from RAIL 492
Napier Deltic T18-37K Manual
Clerk "Trilink" hydrostatic transmission for road vehicles
Multiple coupled inductors in SPICE - don't forget to include ALL the coupling coefficients!

Crap stuff. Things which are done badly through greed, ignorance or stupidity, and piss me off.

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